About Brilliant Businesses

Behind every business you see, there is a person with a dream. Brilliant Businesses are born from people with great stories and ideas, ideas they believe will make a change to people’s lives. We support and showcase people from all businesses in our directory with a difference, with quotes about their stories, coupled with their struggles and triumphs. Putting words and points of view down and connecting them to a local face. It’s all about the people behind the Brilliant Businesses.

Listed below are some tips on getting the most out of your subscription.

Getting the most from brilliant businesses

Your website:

Use the blog, or news section on your website to announce you’ve been featured on the Brilliant Businesses website, it’s great content, it also gives your customers more of a chance to learn about you and your business journey. Link it to our website, it will help towards your happy SEO! You can also put the whole story on your website (obviously crediting us) therefore when you use social media to share your story you will be driving people to your website – not ours.

Brilliant Businesses Icon:

Use the Brilliant Businesses icon on your website, your email and other digital communications - link it to your story on the Brilliant Businesses website, it gives more people an opportunity to read your story.


Share the post we’ve created on our Facebook over to your personal Facebook page and business page, encourage your friends and business acquaintances to share on their pages. Reminding your Facebook network about your journey, creates engagement and has led to our subscribers getting many enquiries. Don’t do this just the once, remind people on a monthly basis!


Retweet our tweet about your story via your Twitter channel. Create your own tweets with snippets from your story. If you have the story on your website, it’s a great way of getting more traffic to your site!


Share our Instagram post and use it as your Instagram story - by sharing the post on your channel is not only great content but it reinforces your story and raises your profile.


Share our Linkedin post on your personal and business Linkedin channels. Another great way for people to learn about your business journey. If you’ve put the story on your website blog or news section, you can create further posts to drive potential customers to read the full story on your website. Remember, it’s more powerful when someone else talks about you, than when you talk about you. It’s even more powerful when Brilliant Businesses tells your story!

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