Video podcasts in Kent and Sussex

What’s in a name? Well, Brilliant Businesses isn’t necessarily about us – although we are, of course, mighty fine people and ultra-professional to boot. No. As creators of video podcasts in Kent and Sussex, our name – Brilliant Businesses is much more about YOU.

Your brilliant business. Which it is.

We can help your business thrive with an engaging, perfectly filmed, recorded and edited video podcast. You can share your story with the type of people most keen to read about you and how your services and expertise can solve their challenges:

Your clients and prospects.

And also, from a networking point of view – fellow company owners throughout Sussex, Kent and the southeast. 

What is a Video Podcast?

It’s an interview about your business where you supply the questions, and we’ll do the rest.

A comfortable, stress-free conversation over just 30 minutes that we capture in high-quality vision and clear-as-a-bell sound. Then, we’ll edit it into seven sections and deliver it ready for use wherever you need it to go. It will be simple to upload, and we’ll also include all the instructions.

Plus, you’ll receive audio clips, too.

Come to our studio, or put the kettle on – we will come to you.


We’ll put you at your ease. All you need to do is talk about the reason you get up in the morning: how you make your living, in other words. Equally, the difference you make to the world around you. Fancy some of that?

Or, go one better with your own customised video podcast without our branding – how would you like your video to look and sound?

You Need to Know This:

Almost no other business we know of is creating these specialist video podcasts in Kent and Sussex.

From Brilliant Businesses, you will benefit from a proven, genuinely innovative idea that could be exactly what you need: affordable, achievable, streamlined marketing that speaks directly to your audience. And, that allows you to carry on with your working day. Remember: it’s 30 minutes of your time from start to finish.


Why Ask Us to Create a Video Podcast?

  • Express your skills, experience and expertise in the most engaging, attention-grabbing ways you can think of.


  • Control your marketing costs. A standard video is just £950 plus VAT.


  • Build trust and rapport with your audience.


  • Google loves videos. They’re great for your SEO.


Let’s get visual. Get in touch with Brilliant Businesses for more information about our video podcasts in Sussex and Kent.