Commercial video podcasts in Sussex

With an established reputation for outstanding commercial video podcasts in Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London, we’re proud to say that our reputation precedes us.

With a wide variety of clients in the local area and beyond, we’ve helped tell the stories of countless companies; SMEs like yours, keen to maximise their budget for the highest quality returns.

Marketing for the 21st Century

No matter what kind of business you run, you need and deserve great marketing tools: the best possible ways to reach and impress your audience.

So, this is what we’ll offer you.

With our skills and knowledge in video interviewing and podcasting, Brilliant Businesses will record and edit a video podcast. Then, we’ll carefully divide it into smaller “sections” for you to use on social media platforms and/or your website. Sounds good? Read more about how easy this is from a technical point of view here

Here are just a few reasons to work with us:

1/ Commercial Video Podcasts in Sussex. Where Innovation Meets Communication

The concept of video podcasting isn’t wholly new. But, it’s not yet the norm.

Fancy getting ahead of the curve? Let’s do it.

We’re rare in the marketplace, yet with a simple, easily-understood idea. Our expertise makes the most of a podcast’s “traditional”, relaxed Question and Answer style – yet through a visual medium. In our experience, your target market engages with videos. So, why not communicate with them visually, instantly addressing their questions and concerns? Quite simply, it’s genius. And, we can help you do it.

2/ Express Your Expertise

You know what you’re talking about, don’t you? You know your business inside-out.

Likewise, you recognise fully the difference your products and services can make to your target market. Now is the time to share your knowledge and demonstrate your authority within your chosen sector.

A video podcast’s close-up, personal nature means that your demographic can instantly grasp the essence of what you offer: trust, confidence and the ability to deliver.

3/ Build Relationships with Your Customers

Nothing succeeds like success. And, nothing is better at building an audience than communicating with them in a way that’s easy for them to access and watch. Here, you can build rapport, cementing your relationship with the people who buy from you – and, those that haven’t yet decided to.

Being a source of valuable information creates strong, influential bonds for outstanding working relationships.

4/ Keep Costs Down

Let’s cut to the chase: standard, more traditional videography is somewhat budget-busting. The services from Brilliant Businesses? Well, not so much. Our video podcasts are affordable without compromising on quality.

5/ Increase your Google Rankings

Whilst there are no guarantees with SEO, a podcast on YouTube (owned by Google) could boost your website rankings. So, make sure to add your keywords to your meta and product descriptions, and include plenty of keywords – without keyword stuffing, of course – in your actual podcast, too.

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