Branded video podcasts in Kent and Sussex

At Brilliant Businesses, we know that our clients love our video podcasts. They’re created to the highest standards, highly effective, and as far as we know, no one else is doing what we do right now. However, if you’re looking for a series of branded video podcasts in Kent and Sussex, we can most definitely support your needs.

If your business requires video marketing that’s bigger, customised, and even more impactful – delivered one hundred per cent to help you reach your marketing goals, then get in touch with Brilliant Businesses.

What are Branded Video Podcasts?

They’re bespoke videos that remove all our branding to feature yours – and yours alone.

As usual, we encourage you to send us the questions you want us to ask beforehand. However, your audience will simply hear an off-camera anonymous interviewer. In the nicest way possible, Brilliant Businesses will be invisible.

Your video podcast will only feature on your website and social media. It will not be present on ours.

Do you have a lot of fabulous things to share? No problem at all.

Although we would still edit the piece into valuable sections, you may ask us to record for one hour, or even two hours. Plus, you may “divide” them as you would like: into two-minute, ten-minute or more extended periods. In other words, whatever works for you.

Who are Branded Video Podcasts For?

  • Branded podcasts are compelling, empowering you to get your voice “out there” once or twice a month. Done well, they can deliver unique cut-through.


  • They’re ideal for larger organisations with more significant budgets, who are keen to commit to a series of video interviews over a longer period. And, who wish to strengthen their brand narrative – without everything sounding like an “infomercial”.


  • Regularly filmed podcasts could delve deeper into the challenges you have overcome, your take on industry developments, your opinions and what the business has been doing.


Let’s go bespoke. Get in touch with us to find out more.