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I’m Nick Bryant, founder and Managing Director of Brilliant Businesses. As an experienced video podcaster in Sussex and Kent, I love hearing people’s stories and I’m keen to hear yours.

It’s All About You

When it comes to videos to promote your company, you need someone who demonstrably listens; someone wholly engaged and focused on you.

Also, whose empathy and genuine interest come across clearly during the entire process, and in the final result.

After all, your video podcast has to be solely about your business: how you got to where you are now, what’s unique about your services and – let’s cut to the chase here – why your target market should buy from you.

And they should buy from you, right?

So, modesty aside – that’s what you will receive from us: a series of seven mini-podcasts that put you in control of your marketing. Plus, if you so choose, a 400 words+ business story for additional promotion, including powerful Google-friendly links back to your website.

Would our expertise suit you? Perhaps you’ll recognise yourself here.

Is This You?

You are an established business in the southeast in any industry sector.

You employ staff. Maybe you’ve been trading for some years and your bottom line is fairly healthy. You have a receptive client base. Yet, there’s always room for improvement.

As a business owner, although you may not be an expert, you take your marketing seriously. In fact, you’re exploring new options; you’re smart, and want to know more. What’s the best way to promote our expertise without busting the budget? (Equally, you may be considering a substantial investment. See our Branded Podcast Productions page for ideas on how we could make this happen.)

Your company uses social media. You and your management team are increasingly aware that it’s where you need to be.


Is This You?

You’re an experienced and successful sole trader. You are nothing short of excellent at what you do and now, right now you almost have too many clients. Your skills are unique. The results speak for themselves and you get results.

You have funds to spend on marketing in your business bank account.

However, success now doesn’t always been success later. It may be the time to strike now while the iron is proverbially hot.


Whether you own a more extensive operation or are self-employed, you have a story to tell. A compelling story that could educate, persuade and inform – as all good content should do.

A history, and a journey you are immensely proud of.

And so:

All you need is the best way possible to share your story. Well, with Brilliant Businesses, video podcaster in Sussex and Kent extraordinaire – you’ve just found it.

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