Business videos in Kent and Sussex

Most likely, you’re a marketing decision-maker in your business. You have reached an important decision: it’s time to explore additional or innovative ways to reach the people who buy from you. You are, as the saying goes, digging around. Your research includes the idea of business videos in Kent and Sussex, or perhaps further afield in the southeast.

Or, more to the point, given that you’re on our website – commercial video podcasts.

Aren’t they eye-wateringly expensive, though? (Not with Brilliant Businesses, no). don’t they take up days and days of our time? (Again, no)

At Brilliant Businesses, we’ve compiled some FAQs to help you make an informed decision. However, don’t sit on your hands if we’ve not covered everything here. And don’t be a stranger. Get in touch today for more information.


They are video interviews conducted with you in a friendly, informal “podcast” style. In effect, they’re stories.

And, everyone loves a story.

Imagine a podcast. Now, add in a camera, some microphones, and a friendly chap who, over 30 minutes, asks you questions about your business that you’ve already supplied to us. For example, how you started, what makes you different, etc.

You’ll receive seven carefully edited video segments ready for upload and use on your website, YouTube channel, social media etc. Plus, you’ll also have audio files.

Normally, when you’re considering business videos in Kent and Sussex, the whole thing could be a little drawn out, perhaps. Painful, even. Not with us.

The answer is: no more than 30 minutes in total after the camera has started rolling. We never cut corners and always work to the highest standards, including in-depth lighting and sound set-up expertise.

Brilliant Businesses has powerful technology and we’re not afraid to use it!

Please be reassured that it’s incredibly straightforward. Look at our How We Work page to learn more – you’ll find everything you need there.

Of course you can.

You can ask us to create these for you regularly, or you may wish to re-record one if your business changes its focus or introduces new services; which is always a positive indicator in a commercial environment.

Because your podcasts are for you, and not for a broader audience on a radio show.  This is not self-promotion for Brilliant Businesses. We earn no sponsorship nor advertising fees, and there no affiliate links.

This is a service that we create uniquely for your business that stands alone. 

Each standard video podcast costs £950 plus VAT.

This is an inclusive price with no added extras. Bear in mind, though that additional charges could apply if further-afield travel is involved.

The sky could be the limit for your customised video podcast, so do contact us, as costs will vary. These bespoke options include all of your branding and none of ours. The process is more or less the same, but it could be longer, more in-depth, say. And it wouldn’t be featured on our site – just on yours.

It’s simple: they’re your words, so copyright belongs to you.

As you can see, not all creators of business videos in Kent and Sussex are remotely the same. How does the idea of a video podcast sound to you? We know – great, right? And easy, too. Get in touch today for more information.

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