Nicholas Bryant

Social media management in Sussex

We offer high-quality social media management in Sussex and Kent.

You take your marketing seriously, and you may need us.

Social media changes, it’s demanding and one size does not fit all. Brilliant Businesses has the skills and expertise to help your business be the best it can be. Right here, right now, your competitors could be stealing a march on you.

Don’t be that business owner who looks the other way. Most likely, social media is outside your comfort zone, and you don’t have the time to post regularly. You may not know how to get the results you need. What on earth do you say?

We hear you.

The solution is here:

Let Brilliant Businesses focus on running your social media while you concentrate on what you do best, and what you enjoy the most: running and growing your company.

What We Deliver

If you’re looking for social media management in Sussex, you’ve landed on the right page.

In brief, we can manage your social media as if you were doing it yourself. That is, with your voice. With an in-depth understanding of how your existing and future customers find you – and why – we can create campaigns that create rapport, encourage engagement, and form strong bonds and loyalty.

On your behalf, we can post relevant, highly appealing content that gets people involved and intrigued.

Brilliant Businesses works on a wide range of platforms, including:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

How It Works

A briefing with you is essential. We need to know your business backwards and forwards. So, let’s talk about how you work, your services or products, your demographic, what they like/dislike, your USPs – and much else besides.

Then, we’ll be growing your online social community, getting buy-in and encouraging likes and comments. Our role is to turn your fans into actual, real-life buyers – and we know just how to do this.

Also, you can cross over with our video podcasts; it’s awesome content, and the two aspects can work in partnership to raise your online profile.


Customer Management

Look forward to regular ongoing support by phone or Zoom, plus ongoing advice. Also, we’ll keep a close eye on your competitors, giving you a strategic advantage wherever we can.

Don’t DIY with your social media. It’s not your thing. You don’t have the time.

We’ll do it for you. Get in touch with Brilliant Businesses. Social media management in Sussex par excellence.