20 blog post ideas for your small business blog

20 blog post ideas for your small business blog

If you’ve got a business blog, then it’s essential to keep it fresh with new content. But coming up with new topics and titles can be a challenge, especially if you’re trying to commit to a regular content schedule whilst running a business!

The good news is though that blog titles don’t have to be complex and topics can range from first-hand experiences to stories, insights, news summaries or marketing. Basically, if you have something to share with your audience that you think might interest them and add value in some way, you’ve got a potential piece of content. Pick topics that offer something of substance, and you’ve got shareable content and potentially keywords that will help to rank your blog and website!

With that in mind, here are some ideas to get you started and to provide some inspiration.

Top blog title ideas for small businesses

1. A first-hand account of what inspired you to start your own business
2. Lessons learned from trading after COVID-19 and the pandemic lockdown
3. A product explainer to help customers get the most from your products or services
4. A free downloadable, such as a tip sheet or an inspirational graphic or piece of artwork
5. Something for children to do, such as a weekend activity list or holiday colouring in
6. Details of a competition
7. A perspective on a news item that relates to your business in some way
10. Being featured on https://www.brilliantbusinesses.biz/ Brilliant Businesses and your thoughts on the experience
11. Life advice, such as how to get more out of your day, your morning routine, the best advice you ever received etc.
12. A profile of one of your employees or customers
13. A ‘day in the life’ of someone who works for your business
14. Details about your business’s commitment to sustainability
15. A collection of customer testimonials
16. Your company values or why you started your company in the first place
17. Your three top life lessons
18. Your biggest career mistake to date and what you learned from it
19. The things that inspire you most
20. The things your customers can expect to see from your business in the coming year
… and a bonus idea – a big and heartfelt thank you to every customer who has continued to support your business over the past year, and why it matters so personally to you.

Which of these blog ideas are you inspired to take forwards? Just remember to share them across your channels to leverage their reach!