3 reasons why you need social media marketing for sales and ROI

You finally managed to start a new business and built a website to increase your awareness and bring new prospects and possibly turn them into new customers. So far, you are on the right path. Content creation and management is a time-consuming aspect of social media marketing and advertising. But if used correctly, can bring in more prospective customers and skyrocket your sales.

Here is a detailed list of reasons why you need social media for your online advertising campaign.

1. Drive targeted traffic

It’s no secret that when you post a new website or blog, it takes time to get traction, especially with Google. However, whatever your industry, there’s a substantial portion of leads and customers are on social media to reach out to.

Having access to all these customers can help boost your website’s traffic and eventually, sales. Customers will gradually become aware of your online presence the next time they search for your product or service and possibly purchase your products or service.

2. Boost website’s SEO

Search engines like Google know which pages are consistently earning traffic and which ones are being ignored. Although having rich content is a critical factor in any business’ search rankings, driving targeted traffic to your optimised pages can make them climb much faster.

This can be as simple as re-posting evergreen content. Re-sharing content at least once a month increases the chances of targeted customers interacting with your pages. What’s more, the task isn’t time-intensive, and you can now also use social media scheduling tools to ease your work.

3. Have a better understanding of your audience

What makes most social channels effective marketing tools is the direct interaction that businesses have with their customer base. You can read your customers’ tweets and status updates to gain insight into their consumer behaviours and daily routines. This helps you to answer questions like the type of products they are buying and why or websites that they visit.

These insights provide obvious marketing benefits that you can use to provide better products and more compelling posts.

Bottom line

Social media marketing is fun and, if used wisely, can drive sales and revenue to your business quickly. There’s no better marketing tool that will influence your brand perception and awareness than social media.