8 Benefits of Being on a Filmed Podcast

If you’ve ever been asked to appear on a filmed podcast, you may have hesitated out of nerves or uncertainty. But podcasts offer a lot of benefits to businesspeople and entrepreneurs, and what’s more, they can be a lot of fun.

Let’s look at some of the main benefits of being on a filmed podcast.

1. Shareable content

You generate instantly shareable content, which can range from the podcast in its entirety, to soundbites to cover certain nuggets of information for your audience.

2. Thought leadership

Filmed podcasts are the perfect platform for thought leadership. As a guest, you get to show your knowledge, insight, and expertise, to a relevant audience with an interest in what you have to say. Here’s an example where Neil Simmons from TN Recruits discusses the people outside his organisation that inspire him https://brilliantbusinesses.biz/podcasts/video-interview-episode-114-neil-simmons-tn-recruits/

3. Industry respect

It can take time to build up clout in your industry, especially if you lack time to network in person. But filmed podcasts are a fast way to be heard amongst your industry audience – and you gain captive interest in the process! Appear on the right podcasts, show your knowledge, and contribute to the debate and you’ll rapidly gain respect and clout amongst your peers.

4. Simplicity

Blogging and vlogging take time, effort, and money. But filmed podcast appearances are quick and easy, and they have an immediate impact too. What could be simpler than having a relevant conversation with a fellow industry professional and growing your reputation and brand in the process?

5. A platform pitch

When you are asked to be interviewed on a podcast, it’s a natural way of offering you a pitch for your brand’s offer. This is the perfect opportunity to really sell what you do and offer in a compelling, immediate, and highly relevant way.

6. A chance to grow your skills

Many of us are so busy building businesses that we forget we need to challenge ourselves now and again. Appearing on a podcast is a great way to bring that challenge to your day and grow your skills in the process.

7. Filmed Podcasts are relevant to all industries

Podcasts aren’t just for commercial businesses – non-profits and projects also find them to be a powerful platform for raising brand awareness and interest.

8. Podcasts are really enjoyable!

Podcast hosts are skilled interviewers, and they know how to make the experience fun and enjoyable. A great podcast is filled with rich content, humour, engaging conversation, and plenty of energy, so you can enjoy the experience of your host and allow your contributions to be expertly guided for the best possible result. Podcast recording is a lot of fun!

Which reasons will encourage you to guest on a podcast this coming season? Check out our full list of Brilliant Businesses podcasts here, packed with knowledge, insight, and expertise: https://www.brilliantbusinesses.biz/podcasts