Four things to expect when starting your own business

30th August 2022

There’s no doubt that starting your own business can be both exciting and daunting in equal measures.

Here we look at four things you can expect when starting your own business and draw on the experiences of entrepreneurs spearheading successful businesses today.

1) You will make mistakes, but it’s OK

Starting a new venture is bound to come with mistakes but don’t squander time being preoccupied with worries of failure. Dominic Hill leads a team of Chartered Accountants and shares his experiences of how the important thing is to learn from mistakes and keep focused on success.

2) If you build it, they will come – not always a true story

Starting up with a great product or service you believe in is a great first step, but do people know about it? The very reason Jess Gibson set up The TN Card was that she wanted to help local businesses in her area thrive. TN Card now helps a range of businesses get the awareness they need to flourish. Find out how by listening to her story and then consider researching similar services in your area.

3) Look forward and focus on long-term goals

Starting up a new business can feel very stop and start. Andy Myers from ABMV Limited shares his story and his vision of becoming the number one accountancy firm on the high street in his local area.

4) Expect the unexpected

Nobody could have predicted the past couple of years. Who in 2018 could have expected that the entire globe would shut up shop for months on end, several times, as the result of a worldwide pandemic? This is indeed an extreme version of ‘expect the unexpected’.

Going entrepreneurial certainly comes with challenges. The best way to face these challenges head-on and strive forward to success is to share experiences, learn from and bounce ideas with like-minded peers.

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