The Incredible Benefits Of Being On A Filmed Podcast

Filming a podcast seems strange. After all, isn’t it supposed to be audio-only? Aren’t people supposed to listen to episodes while they do chores or travel to work? 

But when you explore the world’s top podcasts, you soon discover they’re all filmed. Joe Rogan, The Huberman Lab, The Daily, and The Diary of a CEO all use this format. 

The question is why? 

It turns out that filming podcasts brings numerous benefits. The creators who appear on camera often have better-performing shows than those who don’t. 

This post aims to explain why. We explore the advantages of filming podcasts and how they can help you triumph in this competitive arena as a business. Read on to learn more. 

Greater Engagement

The most obvious reason to film your podcast is to generate greater engagement. Seeing and hearing you is often more compelling for audiences than hearing you alone. 

Granted, there will be times when people listen to you on Spotify (perhaps when they are on the train home from work). But there will be other times (maybe at the weekend) when they have time to watch your video podcasts. 

As you might imagine, filming yourself helps you capture your audience’s attention and make a lasting impression. Less obviously, it can also improve recall – the ability of your audience to remember your subject matter. Thus, the more visceral you can make it, the better. 

Promote Your Podcast Across Media Channels

Another benefit of filming your podcast is how it lets you promote it across various media channels, including visual-based platforms. For example, you could share snippets of your conversation on TikTok and YouTube, or upload short segments to Instagram and Facebook. 

You don’t have to limit your video snippets to social media either. Other ideas for how to use them include: 

  • Inserting them into your email newsletters to your subscribers, providing them with a mix of audio, text, and video
  • Embedding them on your website or landing pages to capture attention and build authority 
  • Sending snippets directly to your clients to showcase your knowledge and expertise

If you have space, you could also create a video library of your podcasts on your website. Users could browse these for their favourite episodes. 

Establishing A Name Behind Your Business

Putting a name to your business is also a compelling reason to use filmed podcasts. People are more likely to trust you if they can see your face. 

Note that before your audience knows what you look like, you are a mystery to them, operating from the shadows. It isn’t always clear how you help them or even if you have their best interests at heart. 

However, once you show your face, you immediately bring them to your side. Audiences can see your passion for what you do, authenticity, and drive to succeed in your enterprise. 

Enhanced Storytelling Power

Enhanced storytelling power is another benefit of filming your podcasts. It makes it more straightforward to enmesh people into your narrative and get them to believe in what you do as a business. 

For example, you could use visuals and graphics alongside audio to promote certain core ideas in your podcast episodes. Putting pictures into words makes your concepts more memorable. 

You could also use gesticulations and body language to connect with prospects more emotively, helping promote your business’s brand and values. For example, you might arrange for clients to come on your podcast, allowing audience members to put testimonials to faces. Filmed podcasts are more likely to build trust compared to those where audiences become invisible. 

You could also film podcasts to provide your audience with demonstrations and walkthroughs. Showing them how straightforward it is to use your products helps your audience gain a deeper understanding of what you do and how it might affect their lives if they decide to buy, 

Improved SEO

Finally, filming podcasts may boost SEO indirectly. Sharing clips with descriptions on social platforms, like YouTube, can enhance visibility significantly. 

For example, video streams can enhance website traffic, encouraging visitors to your site to learn more about what you do. Sharing clips with appropriate tags may also improve search rankings. Google might feature you in its search snippets or highlight text from one of your podcast recordings. 

So, Should You Start Filming Your Podcasts?

As you can see, filming podcasts makes sense. It may drive interest in your brand and even help you make more sales. It also develops more trust. Making yourself visible puts you out there for everyone to see and breeds familiarity, respect and authority over time. Therefore, we suggest trying it.