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Andrew Black

Proxar I.T

“I have always lived in Sevenoaks, initially in Chipstead and now just outside the town centre. I did well at school but never really knew what I wanted to do, I never had a ‘dream career’ to aim for, so when I left school, I didn’t go to university as I didn’t want to commit to a 3 or 4 year degree without a long-term plan.

I chose to work for a year and took some jobs all locally in and around Sevenoaks, then almost by chance I got my first job in I.T working for Aqualisa in Westerham. The IT Manager (who is still there) picked up my CV from a pile of customer service applications and noticed my interest in I.T and offered me my first role in IT Support, that’s where I found my calling. That was in 1999.

I worked there for eight years and met my now wife Emma, as well as many friends who I still keep in touch with today. The work was enjoyable, partly due to the fantastic people, but it was a broad-ranging position working with PCs, laptops, networks and servers. I loved the day-to-day variety of the work, moving around working with different people and departments, from manufacturing staff to directors.

After several years I’d gone as far as I could so, having enjoyed training staff and spending weekends playing and running a football team, I found that the management route a natural progression. I took a job as IT Support team lead with Balfour Beatty and then around eight years ago, they decided to outsource their I.T function, so I ended up employed by Fujitsu, one of the largest I.T providers in the world.

I progressed within Fujitsu working in the city for short spells and eventually managing a remote technical team, while I was predominantly based at home. Around five years ago I joined Proxar, a perfect job on my doorstep so I jumped at the opportunity, and am now the Manager here at Proxar IT Sevenoaks.

At Aqualisa I learnt that customer service is an important aspect of any business (theirs was outstanding at the time) and I love the fact that our clients are very happy with the services Proxar provide. Clients range from small start-ups to hotels, to large financials. We have a very low turnover of clients and we use our good reputation to attract new business, making sure they stay with us long term by giving them the services we promise, yet not tying them into long term contracts.

Our technical members of staff, most based here in Sevenoaks, are a talented and loyal group. You need to have a happy, engaged workforce and if you treat people well & with respect – that’s the key to success. We have a relaxed dress code, a flexible, hybrid working approach and rewarding culture to ensure we hire and retain the best people.

One of our company goals is to help our clients become more efficient, remain secure and using scalable solutions, so that we can grow and advance together – we very much believe in creating long term partnerships. As a small business with Sevenoaks at heart, we are happy to offer discounts to companies with a presence in the local area.”


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About the business

Proxar IT Consulting was established in 2008 by a group of senior IT Managers. We are a fast growing and very successful company focused on delivering high performance, secure IT solutions and IT services.

We deliver comprehensive IT solutions and IT services focused on network design, migration and management.

As a professional IT company, we hold a number of certificates from vendors such as Cisco, Red Hat and ITIL, and we are trained to design, implement and support IT solutions and services for great and small businesses.

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