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Angus Gould

Angus Gould Osteopathy

I left school at 18, after sixth form without a clue what I wanted to do, so decided to use my extra free year of education to go and explore something completely different. I did a Sports and Exercise Science diploma and a fitness instructor course and it opened my eyes to the health industry.

I thought of looking to go down the Physiotherapy route, my parents then suggested to go and have a look at Osteopathy and everything since then has kind of worked out. I went to university and loved it, loved working with people and helping people become pain free and just getting them to move and feel better. I worked in the NHS for a couple of years seeing lots of different complex cases, such as chronic pain patients who had more advanced conditions than what you see on a daily basis. This really sparked my interest in researching further. My areas of speciality include osteopathy and mindfulness and how they can be combined with each other to help people suffering from long term pain. After university, I decided to start up on my own, which was in September 2018 and I’ve been working out of Neal’s Yard Remedies in Tunbridge Wells since. As with any business, the struggles are hard but the wins make it extremely worthwhile.

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About the business

Angus grew up in East Sussex where both he and his family saw an osteopath regularly from a young age. After leaving school he explored different career options and decided to expand his knowledge in the area of health sciences.

Four years later Angus graduated from Swansea university having obtained a first class masters degree in Osteopathy.​

During his degree, he developed special interests in chronic pain disorders and advanced neurology. This inspired him to perform his own research project combining osteopathy and mindfulness to see if this would provide an added benefit for patients suffering with these conditions, the results of which he is aiming to have published in a medical journal.

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