Laura Jane

Belle Empire Goddesses

“With my personal styling work, I never wanted to just encourage women to wear what was on trend and to follow certain rules about what they should wear, shape wise or colour wise, it always had to be very much an expression of their true selves. It made me realise that a lot of women just didn’t have that confidence, they didn’t realise they needed help with regards to their look, they were very happy to go to somebody that would show them what they should wear, not what they wanted to, because they didn’t have the confidence.

The best thing I could do would be to go deeper, and really engage with them to bring out their soul and their true personality.
I’ve always worked within fashion and beauty, on and off in various ways, so going into coaching meant I could help instil that confidence, and also help them to realise what their true spirit is. I want to make women aware that they don’t need to feel like they need to fit in, or, they need to look a certain way. Coaching to bring out the real person and character creates something unique and also gives them the confidence to say, well, this is who I am and I’m not a follower of crowds or trends. I started going down a more spiritual route, looking into the history of women throughout the centuries, how women are always more supportive of each other, more confident within their femininity and of their powers and their skills as women, what they brought to the table. And, with the feminist movement, which is very strong right now, it felt really nice to go back to bringing out that real sense, of enjoying that pure enjoyment of being a woman, what that means, and learning to appreciate it ourselves as women, rather than always battling to prove ourselves. Sometimes we move into the more masculine mode, because we feel that we have to get ahead and be heard. I think that women have lost the joy of being women, they seem to think of themselves as downtrodden and feel they need to display more masculine traits to get where they need to be. But they’re mostly being torn in different directions, and I don’t think it’s ultimately satisfying for women. Becoming confused, aggressive, and just not learning to love. So really what I offer, is a full mental, spiritual, and presentational makeover.”


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About the business

Laura Jane has worked within Fashion, Styling, Performing and Beauty as well as running workshops and events for 15 years. Her expansive knowledge of historical fashion and styles as well as her flair for piecing outfits together in an original manner, inspires women to think outside the box when it comes to putting together their own signature style. Laura calls this ‘Soul Style’. That truly expresses and represents a woman’s own unique character in her own beautiful way.

Her passion is for helping and encouraging women to access and reveal themselves in all of their Feminine glory, both inwardly and outwardly. Her work as a Femininity Coach focuses on bringing beauty, elegance, strength and authenticity in to the every day. Her knowledge, experience and advice will instil the true understanding and joy of what it is to be a woman!

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