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“I started the company and bought the franchise in April 2016, I’d been working in the city for 30 years and some personal circumstances made me think I had to move out of the city and work locally. I didn’t want to work for anyone else as I always felt I had an entrepreneurial spirit within me but never really had an opportunity to do anything about it, until it was forced upon me. I had a series of life changing events, my Mum died in the March and very strangely from beyond the grave she actually won £14,000 on the lottery! We found it on her bank statement and managed to track it down to 5 numbers and that gave me a nudge to be able to invest in the franchise that we now have with Not Just Travel.

Up until June this year I had been working from home and then this shop unit came up on Camden Road and it’s worked perfectly, enabling me to get out to more people, it’s a shop but it’s an office as well and it’s allowed Hannah to join, which has made a big difference to us. The passion I have is an easy question to answer, I just LOVE travel and the only trouble I have now is I want to go on every holiday! The travel industry is absolutely fantastic, everyone you speak to has always got a smile on their face, everyone is happy and after coming from a corporate background where I was a Lloyds insurance broker where everyone was very miserable, I’m now in such a happier industry. We’re an independent, bespoke and personal company and are always willing to give free advice about any destination and help people plan any type of holiday.”

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About the business

Book Local, Go Global, Go Scoble!

Your dream holiday starts here. We are your local personal travel consultant with the backing of established holiday brand Not Just Travel. We do all the hard work of finding and booking your next holiday for you so all you have to do is enjoy it.

Whether you have an idea in mind already, or you want us to come up with some suggestions for you, call us and we will find the right holiday deal for you, and take care of all the booking. UK or worldwide, cruise or city break, beach holiday or safari, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile and making sure you have the best experience from start to finish.

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