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Claire Burroughs


“20 years ago I was running a small telemarketing agency and one of my clients suggested that I needed an answering service – they were ‘not the best’

That client was then to become my business partner in Ansacom Ltd. Taking the bits of the service we liked and improving the ones we didn’t made the service perfect. Then he came to me and said he didn’t have the money required to invest so luckily the bank backed me and I continued alone. We are now in our 17th year and still adding new exciting services to our lovely company”

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About the business

Claire Burroughs is the founder and Managing Director of Ansacom, the Tunbridge Wells based telephone answering and telemarketing business. Having worked in sales management in both the motor trade and international freight industries, Claire has the insight to understand that the key to success is through customer service.

Claire has built Ansacom over the past 16 years into an award winning operation that continues to grow. Throughout this process, Ansacom remains focused on providing a truly bespoke service to each and every client, so no matter what the requirement Ansacom is fully responsible for ensuring that business is never lost. Because of this approach, we have maintained long standing business relationships with a growing client list in a variety of sectors.

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