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“I’ve been taking photos since I was 22 years old, I would jump in the car, drive to the coast and just look at people and take pictures, people watch, no direction, no thought into why or how, I just loved doing it. My husband saw something in me and he knew I was good at this, so he bought me a photography course – much to my disappointment at the time – on basic DSLR training. I wanted perfume, or jewellery or something like that, but looking back I’m glad he did it!

It was a ten week course in Sevenoaks and it absolutely changed my life. I spent all those years, with no control, just pointing and shooting and I would take a load of photos and every so often I’d get a real great one, but had know idea how I got it. On the training, I learnt how to control my images and how to get the images I wanted, learning about light etc. I moved on from there and went to do a professional photography diploma, it taught me a lot of theory and I decided to take up photography as a business. Aside to that, I’m a real music fan, I go to concerts all the time, I love live music and always go to the VIP area to take amazing shots of the artists and I’ve now got an amazing collection.

When I got married, I was itching to see the photos when we got back from our honeymoon, I think most people are and that’s what inspired me to do wedding photography. That was seven years ago and I now mainly do wedding photography, purely because, I was inspired by my own wedding photos. I’m currently on a personal and professional mentoring programme, with a handful of the UK’s top award winning photographers. I’m truly honored and it’s transforming my photography and business which I’m very excited about.

I’ve done lots of other photography, landscape, flowers, animals and nature which is fine but I don’t feel anything, I’m a real people person and I go through this internal process where I really start to feel peoples personalities, I absolutely love it when people love their photos. Whenever I hand the photos over to my clients, I can’t breathe until I get a response back from them, it’s so very important that they love them as much as I do.”

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About the business

I’m a wedding and portrait photographer, and whilst I’m based in Kent UK, my experience and service extends outside the UK.

I’ve had a camera in my hands for many many years. I used to jump in the car and drive down to the coast, just to capture people going about their daily business; and I loved the candidness, capturing natural people……Fast forward, I’ve developed as a photographer who still loves to capture people as relaxed and natural as they can be – trust me, this is when we’re at our best!

I give more than a photography service – I promise an experience, one to be enjoyed, creating memories which last a life time.

For your portraits, I’ll always be there for you beforehand to discuss and plan what you require. It’s important to me that you’re comfortable.

For your wedding, I won’t just show up with my camera and equipment, take a few hundred snaps, and then disappear! I promise much more than that. As soon as you and I are booked, I’m always available for you. I stay in touch with you, help you find other suppliers and I liaise directly with them to organise the best shots of your cake, or flowers, etc without hassling you. I visit your venue(s) and establish the best vantage points for your photography, and I stay in touch with the venue. I’m your Behind-The-Scenes-Bridesmaid!

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