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Emma Baker

Dynasty Wills and Estate Planning

“I’m trained as a Barrister, I did my Bar course at the university of law in London, completing it in 2020 and called to the Bar in 2021. In the olden days the Barristers would stand at a wooden bar and their clients would come to them and put their money in their robes, that’s why it’s called being called to the Bar; there’s a lot of old tradition in being a Barrister.

The last part of training for a Barrister is when you train under a more senior Barrister for a year or eighteen months – places for that are very competitive and few and far between, especially during Covid where people had to diversify what they were doing. That’s how I ended up will writing, it was with a firm down in Hastings, which was local for me and that really helped, it was a completely new area of law, and I hadn’t done any will writing before, but I have always loved drafting, so I knew I was going to like the writing side of it. Learning the new laws was completely new, but I had a fantastic team that I worked with and if any are reading this, I’d just like to say thank you for training me so well and I probably wouldn’t be here without you.”

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Dynasty is a contemporary, customer focused estate planning business offering the drafting of Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney documents, as well as support with finance and probate. Dynasty prides itself on customer care, guiding the customer through the entire process with a tailored, empathetic approach. The Dynasty name and logo are based on lions. Lions know a lot about family, they will do anything to protect their pride to ensure their dynasty continues. We can help you ensure your dynasty continues, helping you feel safe and secure for the future.

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