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Farah Nasir

Computer Gurus

“I’m from Tunbridge Wells and we started the business in 2007 with the initial intention of helping local people with their computers – in the beginning we worked from home without any business premises working out of one room. Then slowly, slowly we grew by doing leaflet drops, then word of mouth, advertising in local newspapers and magazines as well as google advertising and started offering remote help, visiting customers at their homes.

We look after hardware and software computer repairs including Apple products and more so now with MacBooks and iMacs etc, we also carry out phone repairs with broken screens. Apple products have become more popular in recent years, so it’s been important for us to keep up to date with their products. We attend lots of training to keep up to date with all computer products. We heavily invest in our engineers in training and qualifications.

After 13 years we now have hundreds of happy customers and really want to grow the business more, I look after the management with the admin at the office, speaking with the customers, looking after the bookings etc and my colleagues do all the repairs. We help people and businesses in Tunbridge Wells and go out as far as 10 miles in the surrounding areas.

The Lockdown has made our business very unpredictable, sometimes it’s very quiet, yet some days are very busy. I always wanted to work with computers and it’s worked really well with both of us working on the business, my colleagues are very professionals and qualified and I’m the organised one that looks after the customers and the bookings, the administration and the marketing.

Saying thanks to our NHS staff and emergency workers we are offering a 20% discount whilst we are in the lockdown. To define Computer Gurus in three words – local, affordable, friendly experts”

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About the business

Computer Gurus Mission is to Help Keep Computers Running in and Around Tunbridge Wells.

Our computer gurus provides a range of services including Computer Repair, Computer Training, Computer Help & Support, Mobile Devices Repairs, Tablets Repairs. Since Computer Gurus was established in 2004 as a community project we have helped hundreds of people to fix their devices and provide them expert help and advice.

Running as a family business we are committed to provide an expert repair and support services in a friendly way making sure we speak in a simple plain English with no jargon.

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