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Karl Robertson

HF Pest & Bird Control - Willows Birds of Prey and Wildlife Trail

“My story starts Back in 2004, my father was involved in pest control with a large UK company, he had always been interested in birds of prey, he had his own birds prior to working with the company when he saw a demonstration being performed and realised that he could do it better. So, he created the company that you can see today.

In 2007 I did some Summer work with him prior to going to University, I got into my chosen University and the course I wanted and was going to go off and be a PE teacher. I really enjoyed the Summer work, had a great time and liked the experience working with my father. One day, we sat down over a family meal and probably had the biggest financial conversation we had ever had together. I was asked the question; why are you going to university to get an £18,000 per year job with £30,000 worth of debt? what’s the plan from there? I knew they were right and to be fair I picked the easiest University course I found because I wanted to enjoy the lifestyle.

Before I knew it, I was fully invested in the business, back then it was just me and my Dad, two vehicles and four birds and we built the business from there. At that time, we were going out across the whole country with probably only another two bird control companies that were doing the same thing. We had a great time and saw some fantastic sites.

In 2013 we decided that we needed to venture out a bit more so along-side the bird-control company we started our own experience days with Owls, Hawks and Falcons where people could come down and see them. The problem was we would meet people and do the experience out the back of my van, which I hated. However, we got great reviews because people loved it and my passion came through. So, we decided to look at getting a larger office and with that came an opportunity to own a birds of prey centre, which we built up and made very successful. The location wasn’t suited to us so after a couple of years we parted company and moved to the location we are now, which is ‘Willows Birds of Prey and Wildlife Trail.’ This is where all the birds of prey are kept whether they are our birds of prey for pest control or for the visitors to come and see. Visitors can come for the day or book a private experience, there’s lots of different options with corporate days and birthdays parties etc. You can really get up and close with the birds of prey and with different types of animals, wallabies, racoon dogs, pigs – people love pigs! They have such lovely personalities.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve grown each business with eight employees at the bird of prey centre and twelve employees out on the road, just flying birds of prey every day across London and the South East, I’m really proud of that. We’ve also got a pest technician for rats and mice and we’re on the up with it all.”

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HF Pest & Bird Control is a family run business based near Sevenoaks in Kent. Established more than 30 years ago, we provide a value for money, quality, friendly service to businesses and other organisations in London and the South East. We think outside of the box to provide professional pest prevention and pest control services, tailored to your specific needs, and guarantee 100% satisfaction.

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