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Kay Hamilton Crook

The Barn at Alswick

At the end of 2012 we had a mutual friend who was involved in rennervating the whole site, the owner here wanted it to be maintained as one venue, rather than being split into various dwellings. Lots of tired barns have floors put in and it can ruin the internals of the building, it will still look the same from the outside but internally it will lose its originality, they were keen to keep it as original as possible.

They started to talk about it being an events space or wedding venue and that’s when the mutual friend put them in touch with us – they loved the concept of a local couple, we live a fifteen-minute walk from here so that was perfect, plus we had the background knowledge and experience of working in the events industry, and I had already worked previously at a wedding venue. We had the resources, and the tools to know what would be involved, and that process took a long time, there were no windows or doors on the barn, trees were growing through it, the floors were sloping inwards because of the cattle and the whole structure was completely different to what it looks like today!”


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About the business

Husband & wife team Matt and Kay Hamilton-Crook launched The Barn at Alswick in 2017 with the wish to provide a really personal approach to hosting weddings.

In keeping with offering an exceptional experience, The Barn also has access to the huge stunning private gardens of Alswick Hall, with endless hidden gems it gives couples the opportunity to make their wedding photography unique and special to their day.

The Barn prides itself on offering a simple pricing structure to allow couples to maintain control over the all-important wedding budget. With only two mandatory elements required from the Barn (venue hire and drinks packages) everything else is the couple’s choice.

With a small dedicated team of Event Planners, The Barn at Alswick walk their couples through the planning process and ensuring their day runs seamlessly allowing them to simply focus on enjoying their day.

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