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Paul and Louise Large

WGS Waste Management Limited

“We’re concentrating on our recycling message with a new section on our website as well as pushing the sustainability message; nothing goes to landfill, so we’re helping with turning waste to energy.

Sustainability is at the forefront of many of our minds because it is vital for a happier, healthier future for our planet and for the generations to come. Earth has finite resources and to protect these, and the environment around us, we need to work on being mindful of how we use these resources. The more materials we use, the more we need to dispose of, and this can contribute to pollution and the increase in greenhouse gases.

Landfills are quite the opposite of sustainable. Rubbish that goes to landfill can have disastrous effects on the environment and we need to prevent that effect from worsening. A report from 2016 stated that across the world, 2.01 billion tons of waste was created each year and that could go up by 2/3 in the next 30 years. At least 1/3 of the waste produced is NOT dealt with in a non-toxic way.

We are wholly dedicated to working to support the environment and we focus our energy on disposing of waste in the least destructive ways for the planet. We take pride in the fact that nothing we collect goes to landfill. What we do with the waste is based on the type of waste being disposed of, but it is either recycled, or taken for incineration or other process and either way, we ensure that it is reused as energy.”

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“We are also launching our new air freshener systems Oxy-gen pro which are recyclable, no aerosols. We deliver, install and service all products as part of your agreement ensuring that our client’s washrooms and reception areas remain malodour free 100% of the time.”

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Paul and Louise Large – WGS Waste Management

“During this crisis we’ve all been in the same storm, but in different boats. But, for us, as a clinical, healthcare and washrooms waste company, where the bulk of our customers are dental practices, private clinics, tattooists and schools, were all closed.

That equated to at least 80% of our business closing at the end of March. We decided to contact all customers, as we wanted to put their minds at rest, and help how we could. Unlike some national companies who charged 50% of contract values to businesses, even when they closed, we decided the fairest thing to do would be to pause all invoices and services for all our customers who had to close. These have been unprecedented times, which in time will pass but we all want to help see each other through so we can come out the other side. As a business we have taken a hit and have used the help available to businesses to remain operational and now premises have begun to reopen we have been able to resume services in a gradual manor to suit the needs of each of our customers and have provided additional services and advice for PPE waste and disposal, we have also managed to gain some new and varied customers during this time.

We’re members of the IWSA (Independent Washrooms Service Association) 40 or so independent businesses nationwide, all geared to offering excellent service levels, which is paramount to us. Helping each other out, generating business, ideas and advice between us, we are now able to provide nationwide coverage in washroom services and clinical waste solutions.

We received our ISO accreditation in January across 2 standards ISO9001 and BS EN15713 for confidential waste, another string to our bow and something that we will grow over time.

As we approach our seventh year It’s taken time to build the foundations of the business to give us the ability to grow our ethos, processes, procedures, and everything that goes along with it. Excellent customer service is the driving force, with referrals and word of mouth. It’s really starting to happen now, we spend a bit of money on our SEO and are quoting new business regularly, we have good client retention because what we say, is what we do.”

Paul Large, interviewed July 2020


“My background was in quality and production management, but I always liked the idea of working in sales, I would get these field sales guys, coming in, all smiling, treating it like their own business and I thought, yeah, I can do that. I got my first sales role with a leading clinical waste management company and was there for four and a half years, was successful, winning lots of awards and achieved some fantastic incentive trips, but I soon started to see a change in the company.

I had built some great relationships with my clients and always went the extra mile to look after them.
Unfortunately, the company’s service standards were slipping and prices increasing, and I began to lose faith in the company, during that time my wife Louise gave birth to our twins and that work life balance was increasingly important to me. I was approached by a colleague in Health and safety compliance who had set up a clinical waste business, we had always got along so well, so when he asked me to join him as his business partner in I had to take the offer seriously. It was a no brainer, something I couldn’t walk away from. To begin with I was based up in Manchester with business partner John, Monday – Friday, building the business up North. Louise is a makeup and hair artist so would be away doing weddings every weekend, so I would be on daddy duty for our 3 children and we were like ships that passed for about a year. I then began to grow Wastegone down south with lots of care homes, Dentists, clinics etc and after two years of hard graft John and I decided to keep charge of our own territory, so in 2013 we parted company and Louise and I launched WGS Clinical Services. Last year we rebranded to WGS Waste Management as we now look after many types of business, whilst remaining expert in dental and clinical waste, we are proud to be able to provide confidential waste, cardboard and paper recycling solutions, feminine hygiene, nappies and washroom facilities, legionella assessments and we are continuing to bolt on to the services we provide by listening to what our customers need which is always at the heart of what we do.”


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About the business

In the space of a few short years, WGS Waste Management has established itself as a leading provider of clinical, hygiene and offensive waste services together with recycling solutions for businesses throughout the South East of England.

Founded by husband and wife team, Paul and Louise Large in 2013, it seemed a natural progression to form the company, given the respective career paths of the two Directors. Paul was firmly based in the clinical and waste recycling industry and Louise had her roots in beauty and fashion sector, with its strong connections to the field of clinical practice and hygiene products.

Our mission has been clear right from the outset – to offer a one-stop waste management operation which is totally professional and completely transparent. That belief has never wavered from the day we started with a single van.

Our base in the heart of the Kent countryside, midway between Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, is a constant reminder of why we are in this business and what we believe in – being clean, tidy, environmentally friendly and in harmony with nature.

The company headquarters are surrounded by green and pleasant land, which makes us even more determined to protect our environment – and to help others do the same by keeping waste in safe hands, under control and responsibly disposed of.

Today, we are an expanding company, taking on staff, creating employment and widening our circle of clients.

We are passionate about what we do and will represent your business professionally and with respect.

Above all, we won’t become a faceless organisation. We will always remain a friendly, approachable, family run concern – where personal service continues to matter.

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