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Tom Dainty

Bemanic Events

“When I’m not running an event, or researching new ways of creating amazing atmosphere for any upcoming parties, I’m either spending time with family and friends or occasionally away skiing in the alps.

I often get asked why the name ‘Bemanic Events’? Bemanic actually stands for Beth-Maxene-Nick, which is my mother and her siblings. When their names were combined, I couldn’t believe what an appropriate name it would be for my business. I pride Bemanic Events on being professional, creative and fun, but the forefront of the business is always what our clients want. Our client’s satisfaction is the most important aspect when running an event – it’s their party so it’s important we listen to every tiny detail of what they are looking for.

The events industry is continuously evolving and changing with technological developments so it’s vitally important that we stay ahead of the game. Our state of the art equipment and our trusted suppliers make sure all the events we run are both creative and fun, while remaining safe at the same time.”

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About the business

Based near Tunbridge Wells, we are experienced party planners providing excellent parties and events to Kent and the surrounding areas. We know how important your event is. Our aim is to provide you with a meticulously managed event that you can be proud of, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. We are always happy to discuss your plans and requirements.

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