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Tom Moore

Wells Transport Services

“When I left school I started doing business law at Kingston University but I knew very early on that I wasn’t going to do last the three years as I very much disliked the course and realised that an office based job was not going to be for me. So after leaving university early, I came back to Tunbridge Wells and got a restaurant job at Frankie and Benny’s where I remained for 8 years. I absolutely loved working there, I had a real passion for meeting people and giving excellent service and this is where my personality really developed and shone through. I worked my way up from waiter to manager and moved on to many restaurants and pubs in the surrounding area after leaving.

Then life got a bit more serious and I got a girlfriend, evening and weekend work was getting tougher to juggle around spending time with her. This is when it happened, out of the blue! I wasn’t actively looking for another job but it found me! One day at work someone who I served in another restaurant I worked at came in and offered me a day’s work being a porter for a removal company. I said yes and enjoyed the day immensely. It felt great to be working outside and to be earning money during the day rather than the night, or all day like in the restaurant trade! Initially I carried on working for this removal company when I could a few days a week, then I started doing more and more days, then I became a driver, then I ran the jobs and then I saved up and bought the company! This was back in 2013 when the business was still in its infancy. Since then I’ve taken Wells Transport and ran with it and made it into the company it is today.

I still have the same passion for it now as when I started 6 years ago. I absolutely love driving and meeting new people and being somewhere different everyday but more than anything I love packing and stacking a van (in a very OCD way like Tetris) so that everything is safely and tightly packed! I had a knack and liking for this very early on. If you have a removal van who is a perfectionist then you are onto a winner!

I’d like to think the customer service skills that I developed during my time in the restaurant industry has made me the person I am today and stood me in good stead as well as set me apart in the removal world. I feel extremely passionate about giving my customers the best service possible and the extra mile is just the norm at Wells Transport.”

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Wells Transport – make the right move

Here at Wells Transport we are a professional removal company based in the very heart of Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Founded in 2004, we are a family run company specialising in domestic and commercial removals whatever their size or distance. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy removals company, get in touch today.

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