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“I started selling when I was around sixteen years old, the school of hard knocks, selling double glazing and I just realised I had a knack for it, I found it easy to get on with people. I was a shy kid at school but when I turned sixteen, I found I had this knack for gelling with people, as far as I could see I was only doing what everybody else was doing, maybe I put more enthusiasm into it, but, whatever happened, I found I could do well at it, and I got loads of appointments, even the managers couldn’t put their finger on how I did it, so it all started there.


I then moved into selling on newspapers, I ended up in the East End of London on the Bethnal Green Road, it was a bit of a commute as I was living in Orpington at that time, it was good though, my training was worthwhile, but I had to get more local. I ended up getting a job in Westerham with the local paper which was a much better location and carried on selling advertising there. I started off on the classified section, selling to the tradesmen, but as we were a small team, we all would just try to sell what we could, getting involved with the retailers too. I had a great bond with the classified lads, I’m half east ender myself, so I had a real connection with the tradesmen, I can sell at all different levels, but the roofers, plumbers and builders loved the banter and the chance of a deal when it was put to them. It’s like chatting with a few mates down the pub but taking some money off them at the end of the night, I really like it – obviously always in a professional manner.

I left the paper and came back a few times but also worked in the music industry, selling rare vinyl and memorabilia, I really loved it, I was selling fully autographed Beatles records that had a high-ticket price, but unfortunately that was at the time the recession came along and a lot of my customers didn’t have as much disposable income. So unfortunately, I had to leave there.

I went back to my previous employer, the local paper in Westerham, the print industry was also and still is going through a rough time and I realised the paper was a bit of a sinking ship – this was before COVID, people were being made redundant around me and although I survived, due to the business I was bringing in, I decided to strike out on my own. I had nothing to lose and just continued doing the same thing, but for my own paper/magazine, I didn’t have the overheads that they have so I knew it was all do-able on my own.

Your Local Mag has been going for over two years now, it’s good fun and I don’t think I could ever go back to working for someone else now, I really enjoy just doing my own thing.”

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