Tunbridge Wells Business Show - Speaker List

Workshops, seminars & keynote speakers at Tunbridge Wells Business Show 7th November 2024

Neil Simmons – TN Recruits

Launched in 2014, the TN Recruits team has over 70 years’ joint experience. They take pride in a fresh approach to recruitment, combining our industry knowledge with modern technology to enable accurate and efficient matching of candidates to jobs.

They are open and honest in their assessment of client and candidate needs and take on each new assignment with enthusiasm.

With their professional approach, they take careful consideration of exactly what is right for all parties, which leads to a high rate of success for all parties.

See Neil speaking on the Brilliant Businesses Podcast: https://brilliantbusinesses.biz/story/neil-simmons-tn-recruits


Emma Pearce – Pearce Marketing

LinkedIn is so underutilised by many business people…
It is a fantastic platform for all stages of your career and business development…
This session with Emma Pearce will give you so many insights and practical tips to implement immediately.
Learn about:
  • Optimising your personal profile (are you missing some of the essentials?)
  • Content ideas and best practice
  • How to use LinkedIn for lead generation
Don’t miss the opportunities that LinkedIn can offer!