20 years in business. Wow! Where did the time go?


‘Partners in Business, Accountants for Life’

Happy 20th Birthday ABMV and congratulations for making it through two decades in business.

When Andy Myers founded ABMV in November 2003, he had just returned to the UK with his family after successful periods in Bermuda and on the Isle of Man. Trading initially in Matfield village, with a handful of both domestic and overseas customers, Andy slowly built the team and moved into the current offices at 175 High Street Tonbridge in 2006.

Two decades later, the business has matured significantly and has developed into one of the most respected independent Chartered Accountancy companies in the local area. Maintaining high professional standards (ABMV are regulated by the ICAEW) the current core team of 9 have amassed between them over 125 years of business experience, gained internationally recognised accountancy qualifications, and are able to offer a complete range of general chartered accountancy practice services. ABMV consider themselves SME champions and specialist advisors to start-ups and entrepreneurs. 

The core ethics originally applied by Andy when the company was established in 2003 still very much apply today as ABMV strives to supply the best service and advice possible to all of its clients.

Andy would like to ‘shout out’ his thanks and gratitude to the ABMV team (his ABMV heroes!) for their support and hard work, as well as to all of ABMV client’s- past present and future. 

Listen to Andy on the Brilliant Businesses podcast here >> https://brilliantbusinesses.biz/story/andy-myers-abmv-ltd/