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Andy Myers


“Part of our plan is to be seen as the number one accountancy firm locally, with no disrespect to other local accountants. We’ve been in business for nearly twenty years with a team of nine, specialising across all SME type of businesses, entrepreneurial and high net worth locally. We have divisions in personal tax, bookkeeping, limited company support, payroll, and company secretary, we also do forms of SME consultancy around exit planning and valuations of businesses.

For me, like most entrepreneurs there’s been ups and downs, stresses, highs, and lows but at the age of fifty-two I have my gusto back! I’m looking forward to working actively for another twelve to thirteen years because I love it! When I get up in the morning I’m still smiling – I’m very happy and fortunate to have a team that has been very supportive of me but also supportive of us and our business and of course, our clients.”

Andy Myers – March 2022

“Hi Nick, well thankfully my beard has now gone as part of the clean sweep into 2021. Unfortunately the weight hasn’t!
Like most of the UK I imagine, we are looking to put 2020 behind us – and whilst Covid still looms over all of us, I would like to believe that most entrepreneurs see 2021 as ripe for new opportunities and beginnings.

Indeed, we think so here, and as business advisors are always happy to support. Indeed in ‘down economic times’ we generally take on more new clients as people are forced out of employment etc, or indeed just want a fresh start or that strike out on their own. And why not!!??

Operationally, our office remains open albeit that mostly virtual style that some of our peers will have also adjusted to.

We look to avoid Zoom fatigue by mixing with Google meet (or sometimes being accountants we just don’t talk!). Joking apart, communications are important to us all – both in the office and to our clients so we have a real focus on maintaining the same during 2021.

We have improved our Newsletters and some of our general messaging – particularly in pro-active areas like Covid related changes, so our readers and clients receive the latest as pronto as in what is a more and more fluid situation.

Looking ahead, the Budget will be upon us in March 2021 – we do expect there to be quite a few tax type changes (specifically capital gains, he says) but we will deal with the facts as they come in.

We always consider ourselves to be value added advisors so this is a financial mapping for clients is a core area for us. Indeed, we are beefing up our ​Tax Consulting Services​ in Q2 2021 ….so more information to follow for those that are excited

Alongside this, we are keeping an eye on the IR35 issue (HMRC re-attack delayed from last year) that affects some ‘one man bands’, and, as example, we continue to support clients with their move to (fully) digital.

Finally, the Broker market (We help clients Buy and Sell companies throughout Kent with our sister company Transworld) remains in a neither bull nor bear position but is busy enough!.

Entrepreneurs appreciate the opportunities currently available, but access to cash and the ‘Covid-risk’ balance out the gun ho somewhat. At this stage, I am happy with this steady ship.

In closing, we wish all readers the best of health and ‘’BE WELL’’

Andy Myers, ABMV Ltd, Transworld Business Advisors
January 2021


“Really good to see you again Nick! When you came to see me the last time, we were just about to re-jig the office a little bit, but also at the same time have a nice modern refurb done. This including new front of house signage for ABMV and its sister business Transworld Business Advisors. Like most things, it took longer than anticipated, but it’s now been completed, and we’re really pleased with it.
It’s been a busy year for us, but I imagine for most companies 2019 was a bit of an up and down year. However, towards the year end, pre-Brexit, things started to ramp up again.
January is always a busy time for most accountants, due to personal tax return ‘season’. Now we are in February, we call this our quieter period (though the team argue differently) and to some extent one of my own missives is to go out and see our clients and valued suppliers.
Between February and April, we also generally find our ability to bring on new clients ready for the new fiscal season kicks in. Now that the ‘B-word’ has occurred, people will probably be rethinking about their strategies around their current business or because of the effects of the economy generally, they might look at a new start.
I still have friend connections over in Bermuda from when I worked out there and I still remain in contact with the accountancy and trust advisory firm I worked for – one of the now semi-retired partners is actually one of my children’s godfathers. So, where there’s a need for a non-UK strategy, we would certainly talk to businesses and people if its relevant.
I have a similar relationship from my time in the Isle of Man & am going back to see some old friends soon. A great excuse for my dad and I to watch the Manx Grand Prix there in August as part of my 50th. I know I only look 40!
As I mentioned in my previous interview with you, my father is a huge inspiration to me – he’s still around, bless him – he was a semi-professional bike racer and indeed rode on the Isle of Man TT circuit. It’s going to be a great way to celebrate my birthday!”

Andy Myers, ABMV Ltd, Trans World Business Advisors
February 2020


Story posted on 17th January 2019

“I was a late entry into the accountancy profession, I actually Chartered qualified in my late 20’s in Sheffield, after having done nearly 9 years in the RAF. Once I qualified, you can imagine my delight when my first job post qualification was in Bermuda! So I spent three years in paradise, but then I got it slightly wrong by getting my next job on the Isle of Man, where the weather was different!

I was in my early 30’s and whilst being on the Isle of Man for around a year I realised I was ready to set up by myself. I had always admired my father, who’s still alive, for being in business. He’s not an accountant but I had always respected him for being an entrepreneur. So I came back to the UK and rather going back to the North, because of my network, I felt it best to be near London. We loved Kent, and West Kent specifically, and had friends near Sevenoaks so we based ourselves here. The accountancy business (ABMV Ltd) started in a shoe box room in a house in Matfield, starting with one client from the Isle of Man and one from Australia, and with this overseas consultancy it allowed me to grow the business locally and we became a more conventional, local accountancy practice. I’m one of those people who just can’t sit still. I love fresh challenges and I really enjoy working in the West Kent’s business community. I’ve bought and sold a few businesses over the years and, dare I say it, I enjoy it more than the tax calculations!”

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