What can a podcast do for your business?

There is no doubt that podcasts are hugely popular as a way of staying entertained in our spare time. Did you know though that they are also a powerful marketing tool for businesses and a fabulous way to drive organic growth?

Lots of firms now use podcasts to not only engage more effectively with their existing customers but also reach out to new ones. But what specific benefits can they bring to your own organisation?

Build trust with customers

All business owners know that trust is a key ingredient for success. To attract new consumers, hang onto existing customers and drive sustained growth, it is essential that consumers trust you. This means they will choose you instead of your competitors and be comfortable enough to spend money with you.

But how can podcasts help businesses with this? In simple terms, they enable you to share your expertise and showcase your industry knowledge. This helps show people you know what you are talking about and can be relied upon to do a good job.

Podcasts are excellent for useful feedback

Any successful company will value quality feedback from customers which they can use to improve their services/products. Although you may think you know what consumers want from your organisation, you can often glean nuggets of information from the feedback you would never have thought about.

By seeking out feedback from your podcast audience, you can show them you care about them and their needs. While this might be comments related directly to your podcast, it might also be comments about the industry you operate in generally or specific pain points for consumers.

Taking the time to seek out audience feedback via social media, online comments or your podcast mailing list also shows that you are a business that listens to people and is focused on continually improving. This is great for your brand image and for standing out as a company who really values their customers.

Helps your audience become familiar with you

One thing which you should find with any business podcast is that your audience gets more familiar with you after each episode. This is a powerful thing for any company because people are more likely to do business with companies, they feel close to.

By allowing your audience to get to know your business and the people behind it on a more personal level, they feel much more connected to you. Podcasts can also help regular listeners pick up on your brand story and company ethos. This in turn has a real influence when they are looking around for the services/products you offer.

Podcasts can help your business thrive

The modern business world is a competitive place and finding innovative new ways to reach your target audience is crucial. Podcasts are certainly one example to think about and come with many benefits, as the above points demonstrate. Of course, the first step down this path is recording podcasts which deliver top-quality sound to air online. If you need a hand with professional podcast recording, get in touch today for a chat.