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Do you want to be inspired by other business owners? Find out how and why they set their businesses up? Discover some of the triumphs and struggles they’ve faced along the way? If so, then you are in the right place!

I’m Nick Bryant from Brilliant Businesses and we interview business owners to find out their story and journey as to how they set their businesses up. As business owners we are all the same but are all very unique as we all have a different story to tell. I believe that story is an important way of making your business shine in front of your potential customers.

We share those stories on this channel, as well as our social media channels, podcasts and the Brilliant Businesses website. Offering a unique platform to share the dream of the business owner.

Every business has a person behind it with a dream, a dream of changing peoples lives and changing their own lives and we want to share those dreams with our communities. So, we invite you to join our community and subscribe to this channel.

Keep building those Brilliant Businesses!

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