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Ageless by Nikki

“Back in 2006, I got a job at a dentist, I was not even eighteen, I worked on reception but also went to college to study dental nursing with cosmetic dentists, I really loved that environment and stayed there for about eight years; it was the steppingstone in starting what I wanted to become.

I like the clinical environment, inviting patients in and easing them because a lot of people fear the dentist, but satisfied when happy with the result. I’ve worked with several cosmetic dentists in Brighton and Hove and Eastbourne, and I got to the point where I knew I wanted to improve, I didn’t want to be a manager – I wanted to stay clinical, so I went back to college.

I applied to go to university but didn’t get in the first time, I’ve always struggled academically but got in on my second go, however, I fell pregnant with my first child, so I started my degree when my son was six months old, it was a struggle, but I loved every minute of it. I qualified as an adult nurse and worked on the emergency floor at Brighton Hospital, it was interesting and I learnt a lot in a very short space of time, it was a very fast paced couple of years, I also fell pregnant at that time with my second child.

I knew about the cosmetics side of things from working with the cosmetic dentists and I knew I wanted to get into anti-wrinkle and skin treatments, so while I was at Brighton hospital, I did a course at Harley Street and had a side hustle seeing clients for fillers and similar treatments whilst working at the hospital. My clientele just grew – I would have one hand with my box of fillers and the other holding my baby, I had to choose what pathway I wanted to go down, nursing is very stressful, and I knew I wanted to be a clinical nurse prescriber so doing this was perfect for me – it wasn’t really work, I was just enjoying what I was doing”


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Nikki is a member of the BACN (British Association of cosmetic nurses), the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) and the RCN (Royal Collage of Nursing). She has attended many aesthetic conferences and training programs, updating her knowledge and expertise as well as communicating with other health professionals. Nikki also works as a nurse trainer for a leading London based training company. Training other doctors, dentists and nurses in different injection techniques and safety. Nikki also has a Masters level prescribing qualification.

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