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Laura and Mark Gamlin

STR - Simon Turner Refrigeration Limited

“I put myself through college, studying an AAT which is an accountancy accreditation, and my first role was applying for a position at Simon Turner Refrigeration. I worked as an accounting administrator, the company was very different to what it is now with a large group of guys, and I worked with the owner running the finance side.

It all grew from there as I learned each element of the business, the business change happened back in 2020 when COVID hit, we had to diversify and the engineers were still out and about as people still needed our services, I managed it from home and then when we returned in 2022 the opportunity arose for us to buy the company, Mark and I saw it as a great opportunity, so we went for it”

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About the business

STR, once known as Simon Turner Refrigeration Limited, is a transport and commercial refrigeration company based in Sussex. With more than 35 years of combined experience in the industry, we are proud to provide clients across the South East with reliable, high quality and competitively priced service.

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