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Robert Dutton

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“Passionate about Tunbridge Wells, its companies, its people and the town in general, every day for us is exciting. Helping people start their careers, enter the workplace, find new jobs, progress their careers, backshift from London or undertake temporary work to build experience and make income, is what we do day to day; for us, helping companies grow and expand, or replace that all important leaver, is our greatest pleasure.

As a company we hold on to our founding values every day “ to deliver the service, we would want to receive, were we to be either a candidate or a client” and we try always to treat everyone as we wish to be treated. It’s exciting.

Our business is organic and evolves day by day to reflect the needs of the companies with whom we work, having expanded from 1 to 3 locations, our founding office of Tunbridge Wells is able to draw upon the widest candidate source of all 3 offices to ensure clients meet the best candidates the market can offer.

We are a team of 15 people committed honest and with the highest of ethics, and consultation lies at the core of how we operate, be it taking a client brief or consulting with a candidate to understand their skills, experience, wants, hopes and aims.

Embedded within our local communities, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Kings Hill, we are local people, working with local companies and local candidates, and boy of boy do we care! From our local offices we work with companies throughout the whole of Kent and into London, with many of those now asking to support them with their national roles both of a permanent and temporary nature, and we now work with companies in Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Sunderland, Portsmouth, Colchester as well as London and its wider environs, all, receiving the 100% commitment and care, be they a small company of 2 or 3 looking for that all important next member of the team, to SMES and large corporates seeking the expertise we bring to the process too.

Robert Dutton – March 2022

“Recruitment Solutions was founded with one simple core objective and passion – to deliver the service we would wish to receive – be that as a jobseeker looking for work or a company looking to hire – and as the day we first opened, these values sit at the heart of what we do.

We are local people, passionate about this Town, and its people, and the companies in and surrounding it, with an unrivalled pursuit of excellence. People are the lifeblood of every business and people’s jobs are a cornerstone of their lives. With 3 offices in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Kings Hill – we are a small company with a big heart, a simple mission and proven credentials.

For all, this has been a really interesting year; no one had a crystal ball as to foresee the situation we were going into as it unfolded. But, throughout the whole period, we have stayed active; as we wanted to be there for all local clients and candidates – offering a listening ear and being able to help them mobilise their workforces to both survive, and in some cases thrive.

We have all navigated stormy waters and are now hopefully approaching a calmer period – and it is now that companies are evaluating their business’ staffing needs and people are reviewing their careers; both working out how to transition forwards, now fear is retrenching.

As the only consultancy who personally interview every candidate; we evaluate skills, experience, ambitions and abilities. And by consulting with companies seeking to recruit, we understand more than just job responsibilities/duties – but what sets companies vacancies apart as an opportunity for their dream candidate. We seek to garner the true touch, shape and texture of our clients, so that we can help candidates to see what makes their job the one worth doing.

For us it’s simple. Our business is made up of local people, by local people, for local people; we know the challenges of trading through the local market, and how to overcome most of its obstacles and pitfalls.

And that is why our clients and candidates find that the most important thing for them, is the value and knowledge that we add to the process.

The one thing that sets us apart from everybody else is the truth to our methodology around consultation, with core commitments to honesty, live market knowledge and understanding, along with a pragmatic viewpoint, and people-first approach.

If a client wants to recruit, and they want to do it now, we have the ability to mobilise skilled, suitable, well-matched shortlists of local people – ready for interview as soon as the same day. Therein allowing those companies to function in a profitable way without the stresses and time costs that recruiting can often demand.

And if a candidate needs work – we have full confidence in being able to action them towards their ideals – be it a short-term temp assignment to tide them over; a brand new career in a new sector; or the next career step for them.”

Robert Dutton, Recruitment Solutions
March 2021


“Since we saw you last time around, so much as happened! We love our industry and partnering with clients and candidates to help companies recruit the talent they need to operate grow and prosper and to help candidates at all levels commence, evolve and transition their careers. 2019 saw us take a bold step forward and to open our 3rd location, in Kings Hill, completing those of Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks – this gives us unparalleled access to candidates to meet client needs and creates ever more opportunities for candidates to be able to consider.

The last 12 months have been interesting, what with the uncertainty of both Brexit and a General election, but it has been good to see tremendous market confidence, with a huge growth in the SME sector, whilst we have continually sough to support our corporate clients with their growth plans.

We are at an interesting stage, as we seek to extend the range of services offered to our clients, and we are expanding our own teams too, with a real drive to continue to add value to the client process. The role of a recruiter is like no other! Its varied, and not only centred on helping our clients attract the talent they need, but also supporting them to retain that talent with every greater challenge and opportunity.

Tunbridge Wells continue to be a great town in which to both live and work, and we all share a common excitement and passion for the job that we do. July saw us celebrate our 20th year if trading, and we look back with pride at the loves we have helped to change through the job that we do, with many candidates going on to become clients and indeed friends. Our founding principles are as fresh today as they were on day 1, to simply deliver to our clients and candidates the service we would wish to receive, and through that we help companies build teams that build businesses and job seekers build careers that reward.”

Robert Dutton, Recruitment Solutions
February 2020


Interviewed in January 2019

“Having worked within Recruitment for the whole of my career, both locally and within in London, I formed Recruitment Solutions in July of 1999 with one simple objective – to deliver to both candidates and clients alike, the service that I would wish to receive. The name was a simple choice, Recruitment Solutions, because it does what it says on the tin!

Built on my passion, the business has grown with a team of like-minded consultants sharing the passion for changing peoples’ lives and we now have 2 offices, one in Tunbridge Wells and one in Sevenoaks – all working with shared aims to ‘build teams that build businesses and careers that reward’ Understanding the needs of a company is of pivotal importance when shortlisting a selection of candidates for them to meet – people buy people and people want to work with people aligned to both the skills requirement and culture. Consequently, we place great store upon our in-depth interviewing to really build a picture of the candidates skills, experience, wants and motivations – after all changing jobs, starting a career, career back-shifting or returning to work, are amongst the biggest decisions somebody will make. It’s our role to understand and through that understanding, get clients to see candidates and candidates to see clients through our eyes. People are our passion, everyone has an interesting story and the more that you understand about somebody the more you can help them find their passion! We found ours and love helping people find theirs.”

About the business

Recruitment Solutions are a professional, proactive and highly successful Recruitment Consultancy; we specialise in permanent, temporary and fixed term contract roles.