Barry Chapman

The Fence Guru

Having worked for large fencing companies for over 20 years I often thought of starting my own fencing company but, like a lot of people, thought it was a pipe dream until a series of events lead me to start up The Fence Guru. My wife was nearing the end of her maternity leave and my son, Freddy, was due to go to nursery. At that time the company I was working for started having financial difficulties and, after not getting paid for three months and with the prospect of having to pay £1000 a month for nursery looming, we took the decision that I would resign and look after our son.

The plan was that once my Dad retired he and my Mum would look after Freddy and I could return to work. Sadly, before my Dad even got to enjoy his retirement, he passed away suddenly and we thought it was too much for my Mum to look after Freddy on her own. So my wife continued to work in London and I became a stay at home husband. Having worked since I was 16 this was a big culture shock but I loved being able to spend time with my son and it worked really well for us as a family. We carried on this way until my son was 6 and my wife was offered the chance to take voluntary redundancy. It seemed the perfect opportunity to change our lives and so The Fence Guru was born. That was nearly four years ago and the company is going from strength to strength, I am meticulous and a perfectionist and my clients can really see the pride I take in my work and I believe this has led to the strong growth in word of mouth business I receive. My wife and son are often taken on detours on days out so I can show them my latest fencing project and I think my passion for fencing really shines through in my work. So remember – any fencing to do call The Fence Guru.

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About the business

With 20 years’ fencing experience we have a wealth of knowledge on all types of fencing, from small garden panels to 12ft high security fencing. We also assemble sheds, outbuildings and decking. We only use materials of the highest standard, all our timber is tanalised and our metal is galvanised.​

A lot of our work is generated by word of mouth, from our many satisfied customers, as we ensure every job is finished to the highest standard. We pride ourselves in all the work we undertake, from a small repair job to a complete fence renewal, so whatever your needs please feel free to contact us for a free quotation or just some friendly advice.

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