Cheryl Brooker

Cheryl Brooker

“I’ve always worked with people. I couldn’t do a job that didn’t involve interaction, problem-solving, listening, communicating and working out human behaviour.

Why we do what we do, what makes us tick and how we harness that during challenges and opportunities.
I’m invited into organisations for very different reasons – sometimes to help manage and bring about change; to review and help restructure the people side of the business, to design and deliver leadership or team training, coaching and to create really effective teams. At other times, I’m asked to troubleshoot when things haven’t gone so well and we need to strip things back, take a look and re-adjust.

Dysfunctional management is something we can all identify with from one job or another and usually it’s down to communication breakdown, behaviours or skills – managers don’t always have what they need to run the team or project effectively, it’s shown in results and the team loses confidence.

But things can be turned around – when I’m invited to challenge and support teams. I have to have some very frank conversations with people, but it’s this honest look at the situation and working ‘with’ them that creates the plan going forward. It’s changing the way leaders and managers work with their people, not just a one-off outcome.

I love the challenge, I love hearing about and working with the team dynamics and I love to see the results once everything has been aired and analysed – because great work teams can be created, evolved and maintained. It’s not money that makes the world go round, it’s people and relationships with impact and influence.

My business was started because there is a need for independent eyes on a business’s management, with someone you can really trust and that’s what I offer.

I have three strands to my business:
• Executive & Team Development: Consultancy, individual development or team leadership
• Leadership Insight Profile: Exploring in-depth your unique patterns of behaviour, personal leadership and influence
• Speaker & MC: Professional speaking on leadership including interactive mini-workshops and also hosting events too

Most recently, I’ve developed my VAR concept, based around slowing down, looking at what’s going on and making different decisions when it counts in a more considered way for better outcomes.
I’ve taken inspiration from Video Assistant Referees used in sport – because they pause, take another look and make a decision that couldn’t be made in that split second in the heat of the action.
People will only follow and respond to you if they can relate to you and trust you. So, creating a pause is the first skill, what then makes real impact is exploring your:


It always starts with a conversation over coffee, a cup of tea, or whatever you like to drink to explore what’s going on for you and your business right now. Only then can we work out together what strand of my business and support may benefit you. Leadership development isn’t something people necessarily know about – until they need it and start looking for it.

“Why can’t they just…” – is a phrase I hear frequently in the organisations I work in and usually, what follows is the crux of what needs to be addressed. People tell me lots of things very quickly when I start working with them – the trust is immense and a privilege too.

Explore my website, arrange a cup of coffee or call to find out more and take a look at my short videos to find out more about VAR – there are some brilliant quick-use tips in them for you.”

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