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Theodora Izzard

TFI Reiki

“Even when I lived in London I was always obsessed with horses as a child, I read my book of horse breeds until the covers fell off! When I moved out to Tunbridge Wells as an eight year old I got a chance to start riding and that was it, I was hooked! I never had my own pony, which now I realise was a good thing as i got used to dealing with many different types of horses and their sensitive natures. During university, I went to Canada and worked at a racing stud farm which reignited my passion and I realised I really wanted to work with horses full time.

Once I graduated I worked at Wellgrove Farm Equestrian in Pembury which I loved. It was hard work, but gave me a chance to complete my NVQ in Horse care and I found teaching the children fun and fulfilling. My life took a turn so I worked in a few supervisory sales and customer service roles for the next 7yrs, but last September I had the opportunity to quit my job and focus on publishing a book I had written. In February “1 – Twin Flame Meditations to help you Understand, Heal & Grow” was published, and it was this Twin Flame journey that sparked my interest in spirituality, energy and healing. I worked with a number of different energy healers and eventually discovered that I had my own healing ability, however felt I didn’t have an solid grounding for it yet. I was drawn towards Reiki, so signed up for a level 1 course more as an educational exercise rather than with professional intent. Half way through my first day on the course, I suddenly knew that Reiki was what I needed to do so signed up for the level 2 course ASAP. During the time between the two courses, whilst I was on a dog walk the idea to treat horses as well as humans with Reiki came to me. After some research I then completed an additional animal and equine reiki course and from there TFI Reiki was born! It is a total dream to combine two of my loves in life, energy healing and horses and I am so excited to further develop my skills with both as time goes on.”

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Equine Reiki Practitioner covering Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas.

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