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Danny Hazelgrove

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“I started working in the NHS, I was a healthcare assistant, then unfortunately I lost my brother in a horrific accident so I started going back to night school, studying computer networking. Once I qualified, I applied for lot’s of local jobs and eventually got a job with a large solicitors in Eastbourne and worked my way up to the I.T Manager. 

From there I was approached by another company and fancied a change so moved from the solicitors to there, unfortunately they closed down in three months and I ended up losing my job.

I had a pound in my pocket and phoned my Mum and Dad in a panic – I had a young family and we had nothing, couldn’t afford the mortgage, it was tough. My dad converted the garage at the bottom of the garden, we called it the shed and created an office where I could get a base to work and that’s where the journey/business really started. I started building websites but was still working on I.T for the I.T company who took over at the solicitors who employed me privately to fix some of the issues. I built the systems originally so that helped me with the finance moving forward, but the main idea was really websites, that was my real passion. I built the solicitors first ever website, it also started ranking better than all of their competition; so that’s where my first love for website building started.

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