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David Blackmore

Blackmore Business Solutions

“I’ve got a background in operations, I worked for Mitchells and Butlers for nearly fifteen years running pubs, restaurants and hotels. The last fifteen years I’ve worked in the motorway service industry, running motorway service areas; I’ve always been involved in leadership and management training – developing people has always been a passion of mine.

Training people was a huge part of my previous roles, the biggest part was making sure that you were developing people and that you had the bench strength to have that progression in place for the business, as well as following up and making sure that the training delivered landed. It’s very important in what I do now – whenever I run any leadership courses, I always follow up to make sure the training is being used effectively and to the way it was delivered.

The football club was in dire straits when I came on board as Chairman, we actually went to the national newspapers to state how bad it had become and it’s been interesting how I’ve been able to use my business background with change management philosophies, to help things move along effectively. Thankfully we’re now in a very strong position and doing fantastically in the league as well as off the pitch!”

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About the business

Blackmore Business Solutions offers a variety of services to help businesses and individuals fully realise their potential. We do this by delivering practical coaching and training to leaders, and potential leaders, to increase their confidence and skills in leadership, and in delivering operational excellence.

Beyond this we then support and guide these leaders on the floor to help them embed and enhance the skills that they have learnt. We also offer customer service training to frontline team members and managers who must deal with customers on a day-to-day basis. We do this with the same practical approach to coaching and training operational excellence, to fully enhance the customer journey and experience.

Alongside this we deliver team building courses at all levels, to improve awareness of the team, its effectiveness, and its impact on results.

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