David O'Toole

Tunbridge Wells Healthcare Ltd

”WPA have recently introduced a number of new initiatives for the healthcare market, one of the them is an online and telephone GP service. Previously, you had to go through your GP to get a referral to a Specialist, we recognise that it can sometimes take to a few days or even a couple of weeks to get an appointment with your own GP. So, we’ve introduced a new system that allows all our customers to use the telephone line or use an app, and get an appointment with a qualified NHS GP – working with us, who can issue prescriptions, and, or refer you on to a Specialist if required.

We are also introducing some new mental health options – mental health is a big issue at the moment and up until now, whilst our cover has been extremely comprehensive, one of the areas where we may been behind, has been mental health care.

Also, another issues that we’ve looked at is our joining criteria. There are several joining methods for WPA. You can join under Moratorium, a moratorium is where you don’t need to answer a medical questionnaire about your previous history and as long as you meet the criteria, you join can join. We’ve now reduced that criteria. Other joining methods include Full Medical Underwriting (completion of a Medical Questionnaire) & Switch – where you can ‘Switch’ on the same underwriting date as your existing provider, with the minimum of fuss.

We also recently reintroduced the Partner Goes Free offer and we are looking at pricing strategies and promotions overall. We are looking to make our products, that are already highly competitive more straightforward & cost effective for all concerned.

The core of WPA is the freedom of choice, provided by a ‘not for profit’ ethical provider with a highly competitive local service. I personally enjoy networking in this area with all the local business and at other networking events, it feels good to help more people get access to Private health care at an affordable price”


Story posted on January 7th 2019

“I worked for many years in the corporate world, working in the West end for large organisations in management consultancy, insurance and banking. Like many I was made redundant, so was looking for a fresh challenge but didn’t want to get back into playing the game with the all of the ‘corporate nonsense’ of working for a large company, so whilst doing a bit of consultancy for US company, I was approached by a company working on behalf of a Provident Healthcare provider.

It was to look at an opportunity promoting private medical insurance to individuals and corporates, I kept looking at it with a cynical eye thinking there must be something wrong and the more I investigated the more I realised, that it was a good deal for all. It was working with an ethical provider, a not for profit organisation, offering the best cover at a reasonable price for all their customers. so, I investigated more and more until I decided I would join them and I bought into the sales franchise. That was four years ago and I now have over 350 customers, including individuals, families and corporates from small to medium sized businesses and the difference between what I do now and what I did before, is there’s no corporate rubbish, it is me, talking to an individual and giving them the best advice about what they should do for them or for their company. We are not in it to make profit, we are here to look after our customers & offer local customer service at the right price.”

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About the business

I am David O’Toole, a Healthcare Practice Partner. My focus is to help new customers buy medical insurance; particularly the self-employed, company directors and professionals. I also specialise in dealing with company policies for 2 employees and above. I am here to help you at every stage of your journey with WPA. You can rest assured that I will help you to choose the right cover at the right price. I’m available however you choose, be it a meeting, by email or over the telephone, at a time that’s convenient to you.

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