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Dr Christine

Dr Christine Medical Aesthetics

How long have you had your business?

I have been working as an aesthetic doctor for over 10 years and founded Dr.Christine Medical Aesthetics 6 years ago.

Have you added any other services to what you do since we last spoke? You were looking into Radiofrequency Micro-needling?

Following lots of research, I am excited to have introduced a new treatment to the clinic called Radiofrequency Micro-needling. This treatment is great for stimulating collagen production in the skin, to rejuvenate the skin, and can help treat the dullness, sunspots, pigmentation and fine lines caused by sun damage. It works by creating lots of tiny microchannels in the skin and then zapping radiofrequency heat into the skin to stimulate fresh collagen to be produced via the body’s natural healing process. It is an extremely popular treatment and we have had some really beautiful results with brighter fresher tighter skin and softening of lines and pigmentation.

Do you have advice for people thinking about using your services?

When considering any non-surgical aesthetic treatment it is most important to do your research. Presently, aesthetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler treatments are unregulated in the UK, meaning anyone is allowed to pick up a needle and offer treatment, and new clinics are sprouting up all the time. Check that the practitioner who is going to treat you is fully qualified and is a member of a regulatory body. I am a fully qualified doctor registered with the General Medical Council and a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and Saveface. I am also a member of the Aesthetic Complications Expert group with training on how to deal with any possible complications that may arise following treatments. All new patients will need to book an initial consultation where we will go through their medical history and discuss their aesthetic concerns and the best treatment options for them in order to formulate a treatment plan. You will then be provided with written information on the recommended treatments and advised to take your time to research these options further before booking an appointment for treatment.

What are the advantages of using a private clinic like yours?

Unlike some larger clinics, I provide a uniquely personal service in a luxury boutique setting. Patients often comment that the clinic has a calm relaxing feel. My patients often do not tell their partners or friends that they have any aesthetic treatments at all, so they like the fact that the clinic is in a discreet location, and I only see one patient at a time in clinic with appointments spaced out, so they will not bump into anyone else and their secret remains safe with me!

What do you enjoy most about your business?

I enjoy having regular contact with my patients and building long term relationships, supporting them with my aesthetic treatments. Being able to create a positive change and improve my patient’s self-esteem and general well-being is hugely rewarding. Using my artistic eye daily to make minor treatments to create a more harmonious and fresher looking face is very satisfying.

What has been your greatest achievement this year?

I am proud to announce that I have recently won the award for “Aesthetic Doctor of the Year 2022” at the Global Excellence Awards. I am honoured to have my work recognised on an international basis, as I always strive to achieve the best results I can with my eye for detail and am so grateful for all the support from my patients.

What further plans do you have for the future?

I am always researching new treatments and updating my skills and I plan to continue to provide the best non-surgical aesthetic treatments to my patients going forwards – watch this space!

Dr Christine – December 2022


“I was a GP for many years but decided to take a break to have my family – I have four children and after the last one started going to school, I looked in the mirror and decided I wanted some help to look less tired. Being a sleep-deprived Mum for a few years and going into my 40’s, I was noticing my skin looked dull with fine lines.

I started looking into treatments for myself and liked what I saw, so I trained in medical aesthetics. It was a career with which I could combine my skills as a GP to provide a holistic approach and care for my patients. It’s not just about the treatment, it’s about how it makes you feel, improving your self-confidence and self-esteem. I trained in Harley Street, which was about nine years ago now, and have ongoing training with the Allergan Medical Institute. I’m trained by Mauricio de Maio who’s a plastic surgeon from Brazil who invented the 8-point lift, which is a non-surgical facelift using dermal fillers.

I enjoy meeting a whole range of people and helping them holistically. Working in aesthetics gives me more freedom than my GP life did, it means I can really do the best I can for my patients. It’s all about helping somebody in the way they feel, improving their self- confidence and self-esteem and providing that support for them.

I offer anti-wrinkle injections, dermal filler treatments, I specialise in the 8-point lift, which is a non-surgical facelift using advanced dermal filler techniques, chemical peels, medical grade skincare and medical micro-needling with Skinpen. Unlike most clinics, there is only one patient in the clinic at a time and I aim to provide a uniquely personal, private and confidential service to my patients. I specialise in creating natural “tweakments” to make my patients look less tired and more refreshed. My philosophy is “less is more” when it comes to aesthetic treatments, and for most of my patients their treatment is a secret.

I was previously based in Tunbridge Wells High Street, but because of the pandemic, I realised that I needed to have my own space that I was able to keep as clinically clean and immaculate as possible, so we built this boutique clinic on the side of our home.

I love what I do and I’m really lucky to have such wonderful patients, most of which come to me by word of mouth, friends recommending friends. I do have a lot of local patients but also have patients that travel a long way; I have patients from Holland, France and Spain that come to see me.

I’m hoping to offer more treatments and am looking into Radiofrequency Micro-needling – sagging of the jaw line is an area that patients have noticed more over zoom meetings so we can do tightening in this area. Through the pandemic there’s been this phenomenon called Zoom Face; people have been on zoom so much that they’re looking at themselves from unusual angles and they’ve noticed that their jaw line is saggier than they thought, or their frown lines are more noticeable, so they need a bit of help in that area, which in turn helps to improve their self-confidence.”

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About the business

Dr. Christine Or is an Award-Winning Aesthetic Doctor in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.​

Dr.Christine has won the titles of “Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year 2016” at the Kent Health and Beauty Awards and “Aesthetic Doctor of the Year 2020” at the Global Excellence Awards.

She qualified from Guys and St.Thomas’s Hospital in London and initially worked as a General Practitioner before completing her aesthetic training in Harley Street to become an Aesthetic Doctor. She is G.M.C. registered (4068183) and a full member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (B.C.A.M.).

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