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Cleo Campbell-White


“I decided to take redundancy after working with British Airways for 25 years and invest all my time, emphasis and efforts into growing this business, I just ploughed everything I had into creating something I really believed in. It was not easy; my ideas were quite grand, but I kept my eye on the prize and it’s all started to pay off now. I paired up with Sam Mishra and rented out one of the rooms to another practitioner so that’s helped with the overheads, previously every bit of profit was paying bills, but that’s levelled out now.

We’re an academy as well, offering training in all aspects of aesthetics and medical massage, Sam’s background is in midwifery and nursing and she joined us in August this year, 2023.

We do laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, fat dissolving, prescription weight loss, anti-wrinkle treatments and bespoke packages, we offer Hifu which is becoming one of the most popular non-surgical treatments for skin tightening and skin rejuvenation.

We want to encourage more people to visit us and concentrate on building the academy, it’s tricky with spreading myself too thin, my clients want me to provide them with the treatments, and If I try to pull back and work on other things like social media, it leaves me with little time, and I end up doing long days. Getting my courses set up and getting things accredited all takes time.

We’re so very proud of winning some awards recently! We were voted finalists for ‘Best Salon’ and ‘Best Salon Team’ at the 2023 Beauty and Aesthetics awards as well as previously winning awards from Channel 5 and South England Prestige awards.

We’re passionate about looking good and ultimately stepping out and feeling a million dollars.”

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At iBeautify in Tunbridge Wells we can offer you a full facial service for brows, eyes and lips, anti-ageing treatments, facial peels, waxing, botox and fillers, hifu treatments and a bespoke hair extension service.

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