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“I was given my first camera when I was about 12 years old and I just loved taking pictures of my friends and family. My Mum had always had a good old fashioned manual camera and she documented my brother and my childhoods. I love looking through the pictures. My previous career was in TV as a production manager; I started out in sports production with cricket, I travelled a lot and got to go to Sri Lanka and Antigua, it was pretty cool. I then side stepped into drama reconstruction and I did some really fun things. It was great, but not practical when I had my children. A few years went by and at some point after my kids were born, I was given a DSLR camera because I wanted to have some decent pictures of my children.

So I picked up the camera again and started off taking pictures of my children and friends’ families.

That is what I love the most (as well as babies, events, pets and headshots) it’s brilliant! It works around the children and I’m always learning, whether it’s with online courses or doing workshops. I love wildlife photography, I’ve recently invested in a giant lens and enjoy doing dawn landscape photography. Penshurst Place is one of my favourite sites to visit, I went regularly throughout my childhood, so I recently asked them if I could visit and do some sunrise and sunset photography which they said was fine, it meant being up at 4.20am, but it was worth it and I was so pleased with the way it turned out, you can read about it on my blog. However, the family photography is what I love the most, It’s really rewarding, especially when the customers come back every few years and see how the children are growing.

I know how much I adore looking back on the pictures that my Mum took of our family, but of course she’s never in the photos! So one of my big things is to encourage people to get someone else behind the camera, even if you hate having your photo taken, it’s not necessarily about you, it’s about your children, it’s about the memories for them, and them being able to look back on their childhoods, with pictures of their parents.”


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About the business

I have photographed families from in and around Tunbridge Wells, as well as families from Wadhurst, Langton Green, Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and many other local towns and villages in Kent and East Sussex. We are blessed with a wealth of wonderful countryside in the South East and there are too many beautiful spots to list the places I love here. If you have a special place, or would like to plan a shoot in your own garden, I’d be more than happy to make some suggestions or come to visit you. Please do just ask!

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