Gillian Akroyd

Shere Delights

“I had been working for a large investment bank in Germany and laterally in London for 12 years and whilst I thoroughly enjoyed my job, my direction totally changed when I had children. Their needs came first and, for me, that meant giving up my daily commute to London, putting my corporate career to one side and freeing myself up to be the primary child carer.

The idea behind ‘Shere Delights’ grew from an impulsive whim to actual reality within a mere matter of months. Having left my corporate life firmly behind me, I gave myself 3 months to find a business venture that would allow me to run my own business but would also allow me to be the kind of mum I wanted to be. 3 months later Shere Delights opened its doors to the public.
Since a young age, I have always ‘jobbed’ in cafes, pubs and hotels. I loved the buzz of the hospitality industry and being customer facing. Providing excellent customer service with a smile on your face was something I thrived on.
There is no denying that running your own business is not easy. Where I used to be surrounded by experts to call upon, I am now each and every one of those ‘experts’ rolled into one. The magnitude of such a responsibility can sometimes be overwhelming, however, the sheer pleasure I get from providing a small haven of all things heavenly is more than rewarding. Each and every customer who walks into Shere Delights leaves with a smile on their face. I’ve created a brand that creates magical memories for hundreds of children and their families too”

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