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“I absolutely love what I do, I’ve always been curious and adventurous and my career in video production has fed both appetites over my ‘lifetime’ career. Because of my career I have the privilege of meeting new people, exploring every kind of organisation, industry and activity – all the time, I get to learn, understand and share (and share in) their passion and stories, and the cherry on top of all of that is that I’ve often found myself in a position to help others to develop their talents within the eclectic world of video production.

My life in broadcast Television took me all over the world, from South Africa to Europe, through sub–Saharan Africa, around Madagascar, to Ethiopia and across America (literally!). As a Creative Director I have gotten to know and understand many businesses, and walked among giants like Nestlé, Boehringer Ingelheim, Alliance, Slumberland, the UN, SAB and many more.
During this time I’ve helped raise 3 wonderful young people, built and sold my own production company and, moved to the United Kingdom to start a new chapter that will hopefully be filled with more adventure, discovery and … stories.

This new chapter sees the birth and growth of Zoomfilms.

So, what is Zoomfilms all about, what do we do, what is our story?

Much like my own, Zoomfilms’ story is really a collection of very many shorter stories – the stories of our clients, their businesses, their brands, their products and services.

We get a real kick out of helping our clients tell their stories, and that is how our own story is written time and time again – the story of how engaging and effective video can be the best marketing and brand investment your company makes this year.

And, for video to be both engaging and effective – that means the kind of video that people enjoy watching , that pique their interest, that make them click on that link, and speak to you and spend money with you – that kind of video must be authentic, visually exciting, benefit-driven and on-brand. And for Zoomfilms to be able to deliver this “engaging, enticing, believable” piece of marketing communication we must climb right in there with you . We must understand your brand and learn about your products and experience your service.

So, it follows that this is where we start, we immerse ourselves in their brand to become a true business partner. And every type of video, whether it’s a testimonial or a training film or a full corporate video, it needs to be on-brand and communicate – even very subtly – what the brand stands for. This is how we build trust with the viewer.

Every project is in a sense an adventure for us – not the most professional terminology I know, but the essence is what I’m after – that sense of embarking on a brand-new journey every time you start a video project. From the outset where we get to understand the brand and its relationship with the wider market, right throughout the process of creating the best concept or messaging to filming style, editing and visual elements, down to the choice of music. We are guided by the brand, the brand values and the relationship between our clients’ business and their market.

So Zoomfilms’ story is also an adventure story, told over many years. From when I started out in the broadcast and video industry in the 1980s, in South Africa, to completing my BBC-based training and travelling all over the world to make great stories. And even right up to now where I’m building a lasting business that develops talent, grows companies, generates revenue and empowers my clients to tell their stories through video.

And of course, service is the primary component of everything we do – great products without great service isn’t that great, is it? So, we aim to bring high production value to every project and budget, all underpinned by our highly rated services.

I look forward to meeting you, getting to know your business and sharing it with your market.”


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About the business

Our story in truth is a combination of a thousand short stories – this is because every video we produce is a step along the road and we’d like to thank every one of our clients, past and present, for putting their trust in us and for their loyal support.

From the very beginning we’ve known that everything that we do is ultimately for the benefit of our clients, we treat your brand the way we treat our own, your success as our own and we apply decades of video production skill and marketing knowledge towards your goals to help you fine-tune your strategy for every video.

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