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Jane Kerr

Wells Family Mediation

“My first job on leaving school was in investment banking at Coutts bank. I was there long enough to realise it wasn’t for me and I decided to obtain a degree in psychology. I found this hugely interesting and decided early on that working with people was where my passion lay. I gained experience after my degree by working in the voluntary and charitable sector, and then transferred to law and trained as a barrister. Rather than pursue a legal practice in court, I chose instead to work in-house for a large London local authority.

I spent over ten years managing a front-line service, working with a range of relationship breakdown issues, particularly around divorce and homelessness. I became aware of the world of family mediation during this time and then experienced it personally when I divorced myself and we had mediation to resolve our issues. I recognised the positive value it brought. I undertook further advanced training in family law whilst still working in London and then trained to be a Family Mediator around four years ago. In early 2016, I set up my own business, Kerr Family Mediation, which was an amazing learning experience. I was then delighted to be invited to join Wells Family Mediation, a long-established mediation service, as a partner in April last year. Although often challenging work, family mediation is greatly enriching and I feel privileged to be part of a process which helps couples and children move forward in a positive way from the difficulties of separation.”

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About the business

When couples divorce or separate, decisions need to be made about property, finances and children. Family mediation enables couples to make practical arrangements for their own future.

Wells Family Mediation is a private mediation service run by four experienced mediators, all from a legal background. We help couples reach their own decisions for moving on, tailor-made by them for their family.

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