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“I’ve always wanted to have my own business, I even did a ‘start your own business’ course when I was at school, I always wanted to do it, but didn’t know what to do. I’ve always been focused on building something different; I had a stall at Greenwich market where I would sell all my up-cycled rubbish, very trendy now, but back then, not so much. I then went into interior design as I thought that was what I wanted to do, loved it, but wanted to do my own designs, so that didn’t work when working in other people’s houses. I eventually managed to fall into HR – I worked for Harrods with a management role within HR and really enjoyed it, it sparked my curiosity in people, but I always felt I could do things differently.

After setting up and running a couple of tech-people businesses I eventually realised what was important to me. I wanted to put something together that would really work for businesses and look after people. My passion is the people and my driver is, life’s too short, you might as well enjoy what you do and look after those that do it with you. Businesses always seem to put their top focus on money, they forget that without people, there is no money. That was the driver for all of it. I’m an ideas generator, I like the creative side of things within what we do at HR Revolution, it’s about taking what’s out there and looking how we can make it easier, adding value, helping people enjoy what they do and supporting them to do it.

I’m born and bred Tunbridge Wells, I love it here, there’s a real mash up of people and businesses in Tunbridge Wells, there’s a lot more creativity in the town and a lot of inspirational people here. Although 75% of our clients are London based, we have around 30 clients in Tunbridge Wells, which has grown significantly in the last few years. It’s just down to grit and determination I’ve always been a grafter, it’s in my family, my parents would always say keep working hard and you will get there, and they were right. Being a business owner is hard, it’s lonely at times but you’re always learning and if you keep that entrepreneurial spirit going you will succeed.”

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About the business

In 2011, we set out to revolutionise the HR industry by simplifying a complicated subject. Offering an accessible service that encompasses all aspects of the field – including documents, support, maintenance, solutions, hiring and compliance.

HR Revolution strives to alleviate the stress that can come with effective HR management, so our clients can get back to focusing on the other demands of running their business.

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