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Lucy Ames

BobsieBoo Vintage

“I was made redundant from a ‘proper job’ in 2009 and have been selling my paintings ever since. I set up BobsieBoo Vintage in 2018 as a brand through which I could concentrate on selling the vintage-inspired paintings I had been working on. The name Bobsie is our family nickname for our daughter and it seemed just right. BobsieBoo paintings are based on fashion from the 40’s to the 60’s and celebrate old-school glamour, inspired by film stars like Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn etc.

I spend time in junk shops looking for vintage source material and in my studio tearing up old magazines, maps and music to include in my paintings. I was about to tear up a 1949 newspaper recently when I noticed it was the same date as my mum’s birthday, even the right year, so I have kept that piece to make a personalised painting for her. My treasured source currently is a 1940’s Marie-Claire and a 1920’s store catalogue. It may seem sacrilege to tear them apart but no-one has looked at them for years so I see it as giving them a new life. I was thrilled when Hoopers agreed to stock BobsieBoo art and nearly did cartwheels when I saw them in the Christmas window. The greetings cards have been popular and the most popular are those where the caption mentions champagne, wine or bad girls. What does that say about Tunbridge Wells?”

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About the business

Bobsie Boo Vintage Designs are the creation of Lucy, an artist from Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The name ‘Bobsie Boo’ derives from her daughter’s nickname – a girl who is now delighted to have her own logo and brand.

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