Hannah Gee

Love Inc Ltd

“I started my business because I’d been a full time Mum for six years and I knew I needed to get into using my brain again. If my husband gave me two hours to do whatever I wanted, without the kids, I’d go to a boot fair, and marvel at all the beautiful stuff! So, I took a punt, took 300 quid, went and invested it in stuff that I loved from antique and boot fairs and started Love Inc!

I invited people via social media to come to the house to see if anyone was interested in what I had to offer and it was really successful! That was when we started, 7 years ago, and on that journey, by accident, I discovered that I had a love for product design. I wanted some educational material for my children that looked good and I could have on the wall and I couldn’t find anything, so I decided I was going to make it myself. I conceived an idea, got a friend to design it for me and that was our first product, which are now award winning children’s educational placemats. I then just kept going, seeing things that I wanted, that didn’t exist and kept designing.”

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About the business

We come from a place of love. Love for good design, passion for delivering the best gifts around and making the world a better place by donating to charity from all of our products. Join our club. Spread the love. Be kind. Always.

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