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Mandy Johns

Cuckoo Corner - Shere

“I come from a family of artists. I went to college after school and there I learnt how to dress shop windows. After that, I went straight to Bally shoes, at the age of 18, and I worked for them for 15 years, ending up as a Display Manager. I travelled all over the country, doing their shop window displays.

I then had my children and although I went back to Bally, I could no longer do the travelling, so I started to work in Retail. I worked at Gatwick and Heathrow, but I always retained my passion for the theatrical and display side of the business. After Bally, I worked in a gift shop in Guildford for 7 years, and also had an opportunity to open a gift shop business jointly. I have been at Cuckoo Corner for 5 years now and I adore it! I love doing the window design; I love it when new stock and deliveries come in; I get so excited putting it out on the shelves and I always think, ‘that’s so lovely, people can’t not like this!” There is a risk being self-employed but it’s worth it. I am lucky with the location of the shop as it’s always busy and in the summer, there are plenty of tourists. That’s the beauty of Shere.”

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Cuckoo Corner – Shere. A gift shop to suit every occasion, gorgeous jewellery, fabulous homeware, furniture, scarves, smellies, seasonal, cards and wrap.

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